In an exciting Q4 announcement from the largest and fastest growing payments services provider in the MENA region, HyperPay has unveiled a new logo, along with a complete brand overhaul in view of exciting expansion plans set for 2023.

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The Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2022 hosted by Huawei and organized together with its industry partners GSMA and GTI kicked off yesterday. The annual event gathers mobile network carriers, vertical industry leaders, and ecosystem partners from around the world to discuss how to make 5G a commercial success, as well as other high-priority industry topics like green development, intelligence, and 5G evolution.

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You’ve upgraded your network, investing heavily in 4G, 5G, virtualization, the telco cloud and more. Now you discover that many of your service platforms have remained back in the stone age, causing you high OPEX for maintenance and inhibiting innovation. Basic network services are still required in the most modern networks; even SMS is still alive and a necessity in 5G. Moreover, many communications service providers (CSPs) determine that their sophisticated business services, such as UCC, VPBX and call center applications, are the stickiest and most profitable in their portfolios, so they must retain these valuable subscribers and modernize the services to gain market share.

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The capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, is getting ready for one of the largest hybrid events: Connecting the World from the Skies. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) will host, in cooperation with the Saudi Space Commission, the forum that will be held at the commission’s headquarters on November 8–10, 2022.

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Saudi Emircom has been recognized at the Middle East and Africa (MEA) award ceremony in Las Vegas as the Mass Infrastructure Partner of the Year. The KSA leadership team of Emircom is led by Vice President of Sales & Operations Mohammed Shakeer.

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Resilience means successfully handling unexpected circumstances as they happen and having the ability to withstand their environmental, political, economic and social impact. With this in mind, a solid resilience strategy is an essential tool for today’s modern enterprises and cities.

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