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In today's fast-growing vertical industries like transportation, healthcare, and intelligent manufacturing, the demand for customized upgrades and higher bandwidth in cabling infrastructure and network management software is ever-present. Rosenberger addresses these needs with a diverse range of solutions designed to support the development of private enterprise networks and passive fiber-optic broadband networks, ensuring high performance and reliability, especially in last-mile connectivity.

Rosenberger HDCS® (High Density Cabling System) stands out as an advanced solution for the enterprise cabling industry, offering both copper and optical fiber products with high bandwidth, superior quality, and exceptional practicality. The HDCS® lineup includes a comprehensive selection of copper products ranging from Cat.3 to Cat.7, as well as various optical fiber products suitable for different applications, including single mode, multimode, and 10 Gigabit laser-optimized cables.

With a focus on versatility and seamless integration, Rosenberger HDCS® caters to diverse application scenarios, from traditional campus backbone cabling to the increasingly prevalent fiber-to-the-desktop (FTTD) setups. Its high-density connectivity system ensures reliable connectivity from desktop to data center, supporting critical applications up to 10Gb and beyond.

Key Features of Rosenberger HDCS® Enterprise Cabling Solutions:

  • Pre-terminated optical system for plug-and-play installation 
  • Comprehensive range of optical fiber products for FTTD solutions 
  • Intelligent cabling system implements visual management to improve operation and maintenance efficiency 
  • Crimp fiber technology for rapid field termination in fiber-to-the-desktop applications 
  • Toolless keystone design for easy installation and optimal performance 
  • European shield technology for superior EMI protection 
  • Flexible cabling solutions tailored to varying customer requirements 

Rosenberger leads the industry with over 30 years of cabling experience. Its HDCS® products offer a diverse range of cabling solutions, providing customers with flexible options to achieve comprehensive solutions for building and data center cabling. These products showcase a comprehensive feature set that traditional cabling cannot match.

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