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Technological evolution, cloudification and changing customer behaviors has catalyzed a renaissance in connectivity, thus, providing new growth opportunities for the telecommunications sector.

Telcos can leverage these opportunities by introducing innovative products and business models, harnessing technology transformation, enhancing customer experience and driving digitization across their operating models.

e& UAE is strongly positioned to fully capitalize on upcoming growth opportunities with its solid customer base, strong leadership position across all sectors, technology superiority, wide-ranging product portfolio, digital incubating capabilities and talented team.

e& UAE’s Pioneering Endeavors

Building on its competitive advantages, e& UAE defined its 2030 strategy with an aspirational vision, specific strategic goals and clear strategic pathways. This will enable e& UAE to capitalize on all opportunities and continue to maintain its leadership position across all areas.

In line with its overall vision, e& UAE has maintained this trajectory with global achievements, such as recently recording the world's fastest speed (30.5 Gbps) on its live 5G network, marking a significant milestone in its evolution towards 5G-Advanced.

This global achievement showcased the successful aggregation of multiple carriers across high-band and mid-band spectrums (1600 MHz in mmWave and 300 MHz in C-band), with network speeds reaching 30.5 Gbps).

This achievement underscores e& UAE's commitment to delivering unparalleled user experiences, ensuring seamless connectivity to meet the increasing demand for a broad spectrum of digital services.

Khalid Murshed, Chief Technology and Information Officer (CTIO) of e& UAE, said, “We are thrilled to announce e& UAE's achievement of the world's fastest 5G network speed. With this accomplishment, we are poised to unleash the boundless potential of 5G technology, empowering innovative services and applications that will transform the fabric of society and the economy.

“Aligned with the UAE's ambitious digital agenda, e& UAE's continuous investment in its network and technologies underscores its commitment to delivering premium digital services. By adopting the latest 5G solutions, we are [not only] providing our customers with premium digital experiences today but also paving the way for the 6G era by 2030, in line with the UAE’s recently unveiled 6G Roadmap by TDRA.”

The e& UAE Vision

As the demand for advanced network capabilities continues to surge, e& UAE is poised to revolutionize the landscape of connectivity in the UAE. This vision integrates state-of-the-art technologies and innovative services, including network slicing, private 5G network, RedCap, mobile VPN, and premium Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) leased lines, offering a superior experience for consumers, home, and enterprise customers alike.

e& UAE has also harnessed the power of AI to deliver seamless and personalized experiences to every customer. AI technologies will spearhead intelligent energy-saving and smart network planning initiatives, driving environmental responsibility and technological excellence to new heights.

This monumental achievement solidifies e& UAE's position as a trailblazer in the telecommunications industry, reaffirming its dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering connectivity solutions for the digital era.

Similarly, its integral role in realizing the nation's connectivity ambitions is evident. With a strong commitment to digital innovation and interconnectivity, e& UAE consistently invests in and develops world-class infrastructure for 5G and fiber networks.

Thriving in the Digital Age

The UAE is recognized as the global leader in Fiber to the Home (FTTH) penetration. Since 2016, the country has maintained the top position with an impressive penetration rate of 99.3%, according to the latest annual report from the FTTH Council.

The report analyzed data from 20 countries that have exceeded 50% FTTH availability and compared global statistics on fiber optic network penetration. It placed the UAE above Singapore (97.1%), Hong Kong (95.3%), China (92.9%), and South Korea (91.5%). These rankings solidify the UAE’s position as a global leader in high-speed fiber connectivity and underscores the vision of the nation’s leadership: to prioritize next-generation digital infrastructure.

The UAE's proactive strategies and investments in fiber connectivity are a testament to both the nation’s visionary leadership and its confidence to empower people to thrive in the digital age. This commitment has positioned the country as a benchmark for demonstrating how nations can empower communities through the implementation of world-class digital infrastructure.

As the world undergoes continuous redefinition driven by ever-growing connectivity needs and increasing data demands, e& UAE’s focus remains squarely set on the future, bolstered by its efforts in innovating, developing, and deploying solutions that will take connectivity to new heights—from 5G to the networks of tomorrow. Through these efforts, it aims to support and propel the UAE's prominence in the global connectivity landscape.

Fiber’s Role in the Digital Era

The evolution of FTTH has fueled the uptake of high-speed broadband, enabling businesses and individuals alike to yield substantial benefits. With its capacity to support higher data rates and readiness for future technological shifts, fiber optic cables play a critical role in the digital era.

Beyond boosting performance, fiber supports energy efficiency and sustainability goals and is critical in advancing hyperscalers, 5G-Advanced, data center connectivity, smart cities, and AI-driven initiatives.

e& UAE has been at the forefront of digital innovation through strategic investments in mobile and fiber networks. This robust strategy has paved the way for introducing cutting-edge services that address customers' evolving needs.

Recognized as a key player in the global connectivity arena, e& UAE achieved the prestigious title of ‘Strongest Telecom Brand in the World’ for 2024, bestowed by Brand Finance.

The company continues to push boundaries by launching 5 Gbps and 10 Gbps plans in the UAE. These new fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) plans offer a significant leap forward in internet speed, providing consumers with an unparalleled fiber optic experience. The telco also introduced Fiber-to-the-Yacht (FTTY) recently, seamlessly integrating e& UAE's advanced technology with pre-terminated fiber optic cables, bringing high-speed internet access directly to yachts.

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