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STC represented by its Enterprise Unit, signed the first of its kind agreement with Oracle to provide unique services to government and private sectors in the field of cloud computing, which will enable data storage at the highest levels of information security within the Kingdom through a private cloud between the two companies.

STC Chief Operating Officer, Nasser Al Nasser, and Senior Vice President Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Central Asia, Oracle, Abdulrahman Al Dhahiban, signed the agreement.

"This agreement is a unique and non-traditional partnership. It is counted to be a move for both the companies and the IT sector in the Kingdom as well," said STC Enterprise SVP, Dr. Tariq Enaya.

Dr. Enaya added that it is "important to achieve the Kingdom and private sector's goal of digital transformation, in line with the objectives of the 2030 vision, which focused on the transformation of global technologies, data, and broadband expansion."

He added, "It encourages also rapid localization to the world's best standards for facilitating people's lives and providing their services automatically and easily, focused on maintaining data in cloud computing systems reliably and with modern capabilities to provide different sectors with an internal option similar to the best global experiences in this regard".

Al-Dhahiban stressed the importance of the largest partnership in the field of cloud computing with the Saudi Telecom Group, noting that the two companies’ goal is to enrich the field of information technology in the Kingdom with high security and reliability, and to provide through national capabilities the best global experiences in the area of data storage systems and programs according to the mechanisms adopted globally.

He further stressed that the work on the settlement of this issue will provide a reliable internal option to benefit the management of information technology in all the Kingdom's facilities, whether governmental or private.

Talal Albakr, STC Solutions VP, presented cloud computing solutions to the attendance of IT officials from government and private sector. He discussed the company's plan to expand cloud computing to 2020 through two data centers in Riyadh and Jeddah.

He explained that the agreement with Oracle is an event that concerns all interested specialists and technicians, which will facilitate modern life with a digital orientation.

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