OQ Technology is thrilled to announce the successful launch of its new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite, MACSAT, aboard Arianespace’s Vega (mission VV23). This pivotal development will strengthen its space and ground infrastructure while broadening its satellite coverage.

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Fresh from a successful €13 million Series A funding round, OQ Technology, the leading 5G IoT satellite operator, is thrilled to announce the forthcoming MACSAT launch with Arianespace’s Vega on October 4, 2023 (mission VV23). This pivotal step will further fortify its space and ground infrastructure, as well as expand its satellite coverage.

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Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company, has declared the extension and expansion of their collaboration with beIN MEDIA GROUP (beIN), the premier global sports and entertainment broadcaster. This partnership entails providing satellite capacity, uplink services, connectivity, and round-the-clock operational support via the Es’hail-2 satellite stationed at the 26⁰ East hotspot, covering the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. These upgraded services are based on Es’hailSat’s growing product and service portfolio that continues to strengthen the multi-channel, multi-year, multi-transponder partnership between beIN and Es’hailSat.

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The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance (NGMN) has announced its "Cloud Native Manifesto: An Operator View." This important overview outlines key requirements and principles for cloud-native telecom from the perspective of an operator. It also provides a clear picture of the industry's necessary focus in order to hasten the adoption of cloud-native solutions on mobile networks.

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Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company, proudly announced its partnership with Total Media Cast (TMC) with the aim to provide Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) services and Outdoor Broadcast Van (OBVAN) services in Qatar and across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The two companies have decided to work closely together to lease DSNG vehicles and equipment to end customers. They primarily concentrate on serving news agencies and journalists, particularly for the purpose of news gathering.

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Vodafone and Project Kuiper, Amazon’s low Earth orbit satellite (LEO) communications initiative, have announced a strategic collaboration through which Vodafone and Vodacom plan to use Project Kuiper’s network to extend the reach of 4G/5G services to more of their customers in Europe and Africa.

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OQ Technology has announced the signing of a new MoU with Aramco that aims to further strengthen their existing collaboration and focus on automation and Satellite IoT connectivity for Aramco's remote site infrastructures.

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