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MYCOM OSI, the Assurance Cloud Company™ and leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), announced the launch of its Assurance Cloud™, the telecom industry’s first carrier-grade service assurance SaaS (Software as a Service) offering.

Service assurance is critical to CSPs as they transform into digital service providers (DSPs) and deploy 5G services that will compete with web-scale companies on agility, on-demand service delivery, cost efficient digital operations, speed of innovation and differentiated quality of experience.

However, traditional service assurance solutions are based on decades-old on-premise software development, deployment and operations principles that are a barrier to digital transformation. According to recent TM Forum surveys, legacy OSS systems are preventing CSPs from transforming to more competitive, digital businesses.

MYCOM OSI is disrupting the service assurance market with its Assurance Cloud™, employing the latest cloud technologies to significantly reduce cost, effort and time to deploy carrier-grade service assurance systems. Due to the practical realities of acquiring and preparing infrastructure and platform resources, traditional on-premise systems can take CSPs up to six months to deploy. In contrast, cloud-native systems reduce this by 75 percent through automation and infrastructure independence. The Assurance Cloud™ completely removes the need for CSPs to manage infrastructure and platforms, and is deployed, ready to ingest data, in under one hour.

In addition, CSPs require very high availability, so spend considerable extra effort and cost providing sophisticated disaster recovery and backup systems, in order to achieve High Availability across multiple geographically distributed datacenters. With the Assurance Cloud™ an active-active architecture is already built in and able to achieve up to 99.99% availability.

Tier 1 CSPs such as Vodafone are already connecting to the Assurance Cloud™, which enables intelligent and automated assurance that visualizes, automates and optimizes digital experiences as well as service and network quality across hybrid telco and IT networks.

In addition to providing market-leading service assurance use cases and functionality across multiple network types and domains, the Assurance Cloud™ provides strategic benefits, including a large-scale AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) compute platform, unlimited scalability for IoT and 5G growth, and agility to support on-demand digital service lifecycles. It also provides significant business benefits, including:

  • Predictable costs and lower TCO through a flat-fee subscription business model
  • Support of digital transformation with zero cost and future-proofed expansion to new technologies – such as NFV/SDN and 5G – with an all-inclusive subscription
  • Simplification and rationalization of assurance silos with a single integrated system
  • Continuous access to the latest assurance features, technologies and systems
  • Multiple operating company management with fast on-boarding of M&A companies
  • Built-in 4x9s availability at zero further cost including active-active geo-redundancy
  • Single point of responsibility and SLA across infrastructure, platform and application
  • Cloud-based on-demand elasticity for peak and burst workloads
  • The highest level of security protection measures available commercially
  • Zero infrastructure management and operations

“There aren’t many industry sectors left that are yet to evolve to a SaaS model but telecom service assurance has been one because of the scale, complexity and criticality of these systems,” said Dirk Michel, MYCOM OSI SVP Cloud Business Operations. “MYCOM OSI’s Assurance Cloud™ totally reimagines how carrier-grade service assurance is delivered and consumed. The economics of 5G are transformed; the performance, scalability and reliability are unrestricted. Put bluntly, the architecture is literally immutable. Several Tier 1 CSP customers are already connecting to the Assurance Cloud™ and we are seeing demand grow rapidly amongst our customers.”

The MYCOM OSI Assurance Cloud™ provides:

  • Cloud-native and self-orchestrated assurance software suite that is based on micro-services architecture principles, containerization, big data storage and agile DevOps CI/CD pipelining
  • Elastic auto-scaling across compute workloads and storage that automatically adapts to network and data growth
  • Burst capability that can absorb unpredictable peaks in data arrival rates caused by events such as connectivity interruptions, natural disasters, large-scale changes and unplanned maintenance
  • Single, integrated assurance software suite that manages end-to-end network and service quality across all hybrid (virtual and physical) Telco domains (3G/4G RAN, Backhaul/transmission, Core, Messaging) and IT (Cloud/Datacenter/Application)
  • Ecosystem and framework-agnostic interoperability to NFV, SDN, virtualization and telco cloud vendors and open source technologies through industry standard open APIs (such as TMF Open APIs)
  • Packaged content for outcome-based use cases for digital NOC/SOCs, including service quality and impact analyzers for VoLTE, IPTV and IP-VPN, and automated RCA solutions across RAN/Transport/Core/IT domains, closed loop assurance workflows across hybrid (physical, virtual and cloud) networks

MYCOM OSI will be discussing and demonstrating its Assurance Cloud™ at MWC Barcelona, which takes place on 25 – 28 February 2019.

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