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B-Yond, the California-based leader in proven world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) based network automation solutions, signed a collaboration agreement with Centrigent, one of the UAE’s leading Consulting 4.0 and Technology Operations firms, to bring the patent-pending INFINITY platform to the Telecom Services Providers (TSP) in the Middle East.

B-Yond, which is a member of the Nexius family of companies, has exponentially grown to become a global force working with multiple global top telcos and industry disruptors to deploy the “Infinite Network”, the most recent being AT&T Mexico. B-Yond is executing on its global expansion through regional partnerships, and global AI ecosystem activation, one example being a co-founding member of the LF Deep Learning Foundation.

The INFINITY platform provides unique patent-pending automation, real-time predictive analytics and software-defined networking (SDN) using a combination of AI and machine learning (ML) to address the operational challenges of network and services digitization.

Enabling self-provisioning, self-healing, self-optimizing networks, TSPs can now focus on bringing personalized end to end digital services to the enterprise and consumer markets allowing them to establish new revenue streams, all the while reducing CAPEX and OPEX spend. Centrigent and B-Yond will now bring Infinity Network to the Middle East.

“The TSPs in the Middle East are competing at global technological levels, and so they are facing the same challenges.” said Ned Taleb, CEO, B-Yond. “We are excited to partner with Centrigent to bring B-Yond’s solutions to the Middle East to drive to the advancement of automation in this sector.”

“B-Yond INFINITY Platform will bring unique and substantial value to all the regional TSPs reducing their capex, operational costs, and increasing their revenue all while requiring little to no modifications to their existing infrastructure,” said Jay Srage, CEO of Centrigent. “I am confident of the transformation the Infinite Network will bring to the region”.

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