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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 serves as a powerful foundation for the open hybrid cloud, from the data center to the edge. Red Hat presents new capabilities and enhancements to its world’s leading enterprise Linux platform.

Scheduled to be available in the coming weeks via the Red Hat customer portal, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 refines the platform’s role as a lightweight, production-grade operating system for edge deployments. With new and enhanced capabilities, organizations can leverage this to build, deploy and maintain hybrid cloud strategies, from the data center to the cloud.

Stefanie Chiras, senior vice president and general manager, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Business Unit, Red Hat, said: “The disparate nature of these footprints means that consistency is critical to success - Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as the backbone for the Red Hat Edge initiative, provides this consistent, edge-native and intelligent platform to meet the dynamic demands of the hybrid cloud, from bare-metal servers to the cloud to the edge.”

Red Hat Enterprise Linux serves as the production foundation for Fortune 500 industries across the world. These include global financial institutions, healthcare systems, manufacturing powerhouses, and government agencies. Innovating further, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4’s additional key features include greater flexibility for cloud-based applications with expanded support for Red Hat Cloud Access; more simplified and automated system configuration and management through the Tracer utility and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Web Console updates; and extended security capabilities designed to help address the needs of IT organizations at a hybrid cloud-scale.

Moreover, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 also benefits from new and powerful additions to Red Hat Insights. Known as Red Hat’s proactive management offering, this can strengthen IT security, system analysis, and management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.

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