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Help AG, the cybersecurity arm of Etisalat Digital and the region’s trusted security advisor, has launched a fully cloud-delivered Managed Advanced Web Application Firewall (AWAF) service that aims to improves the security posture for organisations relying on web-based applications.

The service offers customers uninterrupted access to leading cybersecurity technologies powered from in-country platforms with round-the-clock access to cybersecurity talent on a pay-as-you-go model. The cutting-edge Web Application Firewall technology is designed to protect customers’ web-hosted applications from attacks, which target known and unknown exploits, without interrupting legitimate traffic.

Commenting on the launch, Stephan Berner, chief executive officer at Help AG, said, “In today’s digital age, enterprises rely heavily on web applications to perform their day-to-day business functions. With more and more applications moving to the cloud, customers are increasingly exposed to sophisticated attacks wherein hackers take advantage of attack vectors that bypass traditional network and host-based security technologies. Help AG’s Managed Advanced Web Application Firewall service enhances customers’ cybersecurity posture and offers them industry-leading protection and an assurance of uninterrupted web-hosted business applications.”

Berner added: “In-house security teams often struggle to keep pace with the organisation’s digital transformation mandates. They require the help of industry leading cybersecurity expertise to build application layer security measures to protect web applications as well as the underlying servers and databases that support them. The service provides them with round-the-clock proactive defense, support and management, no matter where the end user is located.”

By the virtue of being purely cloud-operated, customers benefit from a deployment agnostic service, which can seamlessly integrate with any application or web server hosted anywhere in the UAE, regardless of whether the end customer’s web server is deployed in their own premises, at a private data center or hosted in the public cloud. Based on the simple design architecture of point and redirect, the customer’s web application traffic is forwarded through route injection on the DNS towards Help AG’s Managed Advanced WAF service module, to examine and filter the inbound traffic and enforce the rule sets based on the customized policies.

In addition to the unimpeded real-time access to Help AG’s own in-country CSOC’s cybersecurity expertise for recommendations, reporting and management, by the simple subscription to our services, customers can also avail the benefits of advanced underlying technology infrastructure where redundancy is planned at each level to ensure committed service availability while protecting their digital assets 24x7.

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