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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has joined the board of prpl Foundation to help standardize cloud-based application orchestration to manage the life cycles of containerized software components for next-generation customer-premises equipment (CPE) software stacks.

"Our customers are excited about the opportunity to accelerate their innovation with the next generation of CPE software stacks powered by prpl and AWS IoT Greengrass," said Shyam Krishnamoorthy, general manager, AWS IoT. "AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass, along with other AWS cloud services, provide built-in capabilities for CPE devices, including security, updateability, easy configurability, and reliability at scale. Many service providers and CPE vendors are looking for these capabilities as they build with prpl's open reference architectures to implement a modular design approach for CPE software stacks that leverage the advantages of the cloud."

AWS will collaborate with prpl members and partners in the telecommunications ecosystem to standardize and build out a platform-independent service delivery framework. Bringing the power of AWS and its suite of container management and data processing services, AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass will be used to implement the standardized framework for cloud-to-CPE device orchestration.

“Service providers are increasingly turning to carrier-grade open-source software components to manage the increasing variety of CPE hardware platforms. Moving from monolithic updates to a modular design approach enables them to easily deploy and update applications and containers, without impacting the entirety of the CPE software stack,” said Leonard Dauphinee, president of prpl Foundation. “With containerization, providers can further simplify the scaling of operations.”

Utilizing the cloud, orchestration operations can be standardized and coordinated, such as downloading, installing, launching, pausing, updating, restarting, and retiring applications.

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