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Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation is now included in Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus, bringing data services, including software-defined storage, to the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform in a single holistic solution.

Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus provides a complete, multi-cloud Kubernetes stack out of the box, addressing crucial needs of DevSecOps and application development professionals. The addition of Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation gives developers a consistent data platform with persistent storage that can span clouds and infrastructure, combined with data management capabilities for IT operations teams.

Kubernetes is the de facto standard in container orchestration and provides the powerful engine to bring about orchestration at scale, but it requires additional components to truly match enterprise needs for building and running modern applications. Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus brings together the necessary capabilities that provide a consistent way to secure, protect and manage applications throughout the software lifecycle across Kubernetes clusters – even across different cloud infrastructures.

Data services designed for containers and the hybrid cloud

Modern, cloud-native applications need cluster data management services that not only provide a more consistent experience for workloads in hybrid and multicloud environments, but also have the ability to scale dynamically as demands change. With Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation integrated with Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus, organizations gain built-in access to common data services that work across an organization's container landscape, helping to prevent storage silos.

The latest version of the storage solution, Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation 4.9, includes new features that help organizations to more quickly and efficiently develop and deploy applications, including multicloud object gateway namespace buckets which resolve data availability challenges by offering a more flexible way to address data needs across different cloud locations and persistent volume encryption which enables users to manage and hold encryption keys separate from their cluster.

Joe Fernandes, vice president and general manager, cloud platforms, Red Hat said, “As organizations diversify their applications to meet the evolving needs of the global economy, the need to quickly innovate at scale while still maintaining a strong IT security posture is paramount. Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus provides the innovation of Kubernetes tailored for enterprise needs, along with a broad set of additional capabilities like management, enhanced security features and now storage out of the box, answering common production requirements that basic Kubernetes services cannot address.”
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