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Nokia and stc announced the launch of a managed SD-WAN solution, stc SD-WAN, based on Nuage Networks from Nokia Virtualized Network Services (VNS) platform. stc SD-WAN solution is a key element in stc’s cloud portfolio providing automated, dynamic, programmable and more efficient network services to its enterprise customers. It will enable rapid ordering and automated configuration of network services as well as an increase in visibility and control based on the individual requirements of the enterprise.

As enterprises embrace cloud services, stc is transforming its digital services infrastructure to support them. Realizing the potential and benefit of cloud-based and software-defined technologies, stc launched stc SD-WAN services. The program aims to enable its enterprise customers’ digital transformation journey and transition to cloud.

stc SD-WAN, based on Nuage Networks from Nokia VNS, will provide the ideal enterprise branch service using x86-based CPEs. Transport agnostic, it offers a fast and secure deployment of cloud-based WAN services with intelligent traffic steering, full application visibility, and end-to-end security. Enterprises benefit from the auto-provisioned plug-and-play services with quick and simple move, add and change requests.

stc SD-WAN offers enterprise IT and OT the flexibility to adapt their network services as needed to suit ever-changing business environments. Paired with Nokia Virtual Networks Orchestration (VNO) and Service Orchestrator (SO), an orchestration layer for service abstraction, stc will be able to simplify, easily manage, and enhance time to market of new functions and connectivity models for its SD-WAN enterprise customers.

Badr Al-Lhieb, Infrastructure Sector VP at stc, stated, "We are excited to partner with Nokia to provide SD-WAN services to our business customers. SD-WAN will provide our enterprise customer the flexibility to connect their branches quickly, securely, effectively and will enable us to offer a differentiated service and experience to our enterprise customers. The solution will further enhance stc's position as a leading digital solutions company in Saudi Arabia and the Region.”

On the other hand, Khalid Hussain, Head of stc Customer Business Team at Nokia, commented, “We are pleased to be partnering with stc to introduce this disruptive technology to its enterprise customers. With this project, stc is taking a leadership role in this fast-changing market. The Nuage Networks from Nokia SD-WAN solution will help stc enterprise customers gain the flexibility and functionality they need to drive their business into the cloud era.”

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