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With the newly-introduced AWS Smart City Competency, customers can quickly and confidently identify AWS Partners who can help them address smart city-focused challenges.

Aiming to achieve an inclusive and sustainable future for citizens, AWS Smart City Competency will provide best-in-class partner recommendations by differentiating highly specialized AWS Partners with a demonstrated deep technical expertise and proven track record of customer success within smart city use cases.

With cities at the front line of economic, social and global challenges, cities in the digital economy are being built increasingly to be reliant on technology solutions.

Many AWS Partners leverage the power of AWS Cloud to innovate and deploy meaningful smart city solutions for challenges like energy and water use, traffic management, sanitation and sustainability.

The Smart City Competency allows AWS Partners to differentiate themselves as AWS Smart City Partners, with unique benefits to help partners foster collaboration, innovate with AWS advanced services and increase visibility to customers.

With the help of qualified AWS Partners, AWS is committed to supporting innovations within public sector customers to quickly deliver smarter and more efficient citizen services.

Among the recommended AWS Smart City Competency Partners are Australia-based Arq Group, Indonesia-based Elitery, France-based Vianova, India-based Kalkitech, Canada-based FuseForward and Miovision, as well as US-based Quantela, Rekor and Rubicon.

Some of their smart city offerings include data and analytics services, an integrated report information system, and AI/ML-based integrated command and control solutions.

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