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Emircom and SAS aim to provide advanced solutions for customers who seek sustainable business growth through data-driven technology — an approach that extends beyond profit numbers to include insights into what's happening with an organization on the ground, enabling better decisions about future projects as well.

Founded in 1984, Emircom today is a vital service provider in the Middle East region, leading various infrastructural projects across a variety of industries to empowerment and success. Through its strong partner network, Emircom is committed to bridging businesses' needs with customers' expectations through comprehensive and advanced technology strategies. With SAS solutions as a formidable part of its portfolio, Emircom allows its customers to leverage the best breed of AI and data analytics-driven solutions to transform their business, security and workforce quickly and purposely.

According to IDC, enterprise IT spending in the Middle East and Africa is projected at US$40.2 billion from 2020–2024, with a growth rate of 26%. Similarly, investments in digital transformation initiatives post-pandemic are expected to grow from 27% to 38%, indicating that these technologies will continue to support companies' needs for sustainable business growth and transformative insights well into the future.

“The right technology paired with the perfect process can be everything you need to succeed in today's digital world," said Mohamad Abu Zaki, CEO at Emircom. "We are pleased for this partnership between Emircom and SAS because we believe that our geographic network's knowledge of market trends will help companies achieve new heights through discovering revenue opportunities both old-school or unheard-of."

“SAS is committed to helping companies in the Middle East region lead and take charge of their digital transformation journey. Ensuring technology investments derive the right results that have a sustainable outcome is essential to make a mark of relevance in the region. Whether it is our leading-edge cloud services, AI and data analytics-driven solutions, or industry expertise, our aim with this partnership with Emircom is to equip our customers with the right resources and best practices that can drive their business relevance and competence in the future,” commented Michel Ghorayeb, UAE managing director at SAS.

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