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Huawei Cloud made a remarkable impact at the Global Media Congress 2023, a top media industry international gathering platform hosted at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

With the media industry's accelerated change and the need for media to adapt to new approaches and business models, the Global Media Congress 2023 provides an ideal opportunity for media organizations and businesses to meet with thought leaders from around the globe to learn about the latest trends, share knowledge and experiences, and collaborate on new ideas related to the advanced technologies, solutions, products and services aimed at a thriving future in the media industry.

As Cloud Sponsor of the Global Media Congress 2023, Huawei Cloud's presence at the event provides a comprehensive view of the redefining of media and entertainment sector productivity with new experiences, capabilities and operational efficiencies to drive the evolution of the media industry. The company demonstrated its commitment to the "Everything as a Service" philosophy, and the exhibition area not only highlights Huawei Cloud's achievements but also underscores its role in revolutionizing the media and entertainment industry, facilitating efficient content production, enabling ultra-low latency live streaming for OTT platforms, and empowering businesses with continuous innovation through the MetaStudio Digital Production Line.

Moreover, the exhibition display area showcases Huawei Cloud's expertise in various horizontal solutions, including cloud-native technologies, database services and AI-driven innovations. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore how Huawei Cloud's cutting-edge solutions are shaping the digital landscape and driving businesses towards a more connected and intelligent future.

During the Huawei Cloud Media and Entertainment Forum, Huawei Cloud introduced its innovative E³ Model, which addresses the demands of the media and entertainment industry in three key areas: content production, content distribution, and business innovation.

The E³ Model, which stands for "New Efficiency, New Experience, New Evolution," promises to usher in a new era of productivity enhancement, improved user experiences, and business growth for the media and entertainment industries.

Unlocking New Growth for the Media & Entertainment Industry

Roy Luo, Vice President of Cloud Consulting Solution Sales at Huawei Cloud Middle East & Central Asia, delivered an opening speech. He stated, “Innovation has always been the core of Huawei Cloud, and we are committed to providing systematic innovation for your digital journey. Wherever your business goes, our cloud goes.”

Roy also emphasized Huawei Cloud's key pillars for success: "Technical innovation," keeping solutions cutting-edge; "Industry leadership," setting standards and best practices; and "Market leadership," thriving in a dynamic cloud market. Huawei Cloud is dedicated to delivering value and transforming industries.

Huawei Cloud Image 1
Roy Luo, Vice President of Cloud Consulting Solution Sales at Huawei Cloud Middle East & Central Asia

Inspiring New Growth with Partners and Customers

Local enterprise representatives also shared word on their development and Huawei Cloud's cooperation prospects.

Eva Wu, XRender global business development executive, unveiled the partnership's latest strides in enhancing 3D rendering capabilities on Huawei Cloud. She highlighted XRender's ongoing collaboration with Huawei, emphasizing the global reach of their cooperation. Eva also discussed the pain points faced by the traditional rendering industry, focusing on cost, operations, and management, and explained how the joint XRender-Huawei Cloud rendering solution significantly improves rendering efficiency while reducing costs. This presentation underscores the commitment to revolutionizing the 3D rendering industry and providing customers with cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Huawei Cloud Image 2
Eva Wu, XRender Global Business Development Executive

Kevin Zhang, solution expert at Huawei Cloud Middle East & Central Asia, and Eyad Marei, solution expert at Huawei Cloud Middle East & Central Asia, also spotlighted Huawei platforms that accelerate content production efficiency, making virtual humans accessible for content creators, and presented new solutions for the OTT industry that ensure exceptional content quality and user experiences.

Jerome Goubier, head of sales at Vianeos, shared invaluable insights into the world of OTT and monetization. During his presentation, Jerome shed light on the dynamic landscape of OTT and its potential for monetization. He introduced two remarkable solutions by Vianeos: OctoAds, an Ad insertion solution for OTT, and OctoReco, a cutting-edge recommendation engine. These tools were showcased as pivotal in delivering optimized content experiences to viewers.

In collaboration with Huawei Cloud, Jerome outlined the vision for achieving data-driven personalized viewing experiences. This partnership empowers OTT providers to enhance viewer engagement and maximize revenues by harnessing the power of data analytics.

Huawei Cloud Image 3
Jerome Goubier, Head of Sales at Vianeos

Huawei Cloud's prominent presence at the Global Media Congress 2023 in Abu Dhabi has marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of the media and entertainment industry. The introduction of the E³ Model, along with an array of cutting-edge solutions, highlights our unwavering commitment to redefining productivity and delivering premium user experiences.

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