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Due to concerns over radiation levels exceeding regulatory thresholds, France has announced a ban on the sale of Apple’s iPhone 12 model within the country.

As per the latest reports, Apple received some tough news from France concerning the radiation watchdog of the company has halted the sale of iPhone 12 due to above-threshold radiation levels. 

France’s junior minister for the digital economy, Jean-Noel Barrot explained that the ANFR had formally notified Apple of this violation, marking a critical juncture in the ongoing dispute. However, Apple has yet to issue an official response to this development.

Morover, Minister Barrot suggested that a software update could resolve the issue, while waiting for Apple to respond to these concerns within 2 weeks as a deadline, and the rule is applicable for all digital giants.

Many European countries (Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany) will address matters concerning the iPhone 12 radiation, after France ordered Apple to ban sales.

As per The Dutch digital infrastructure agency (RDI), based on the French tests there was no doubt radiation levels had been exceeded but added there was "no acute safety risk".

Howerver, Apple said it was contesting the French findings, adding that it had provided the ANFR with lab results from the tech giant itself and third parties, which it said showed the device was compliant with regulations.

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