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At GITEX Technology Week 2020, EVOTEQ is pushing the boundaries of innovation with its first-ever unmanned stand in the UAE, signalling the future of the new normal and adapting to the challenges brought on by the pandemic.
Telecom Review had the opportunity to speak with EVOTEQ’s CEO Jihad Tayara to discuss plans for supporting business continuity for its customers as well as showcase major projects on this new platform to further drive digital transformation in the region.

Taking the challenges of the pandemic into consideration, what does EVOTEQ’s participation in GITEX this year mean to you?

What a different GITEX! This year, we have experienced a lot of positive vibes and with everything we have endured this year, people are really excited about coming back. It’s a very different GITEX for sure. For us specifically, this is also first time we coined the term and we have created something called an unmanned stand concept.

Could you tell us a little more about this exciting new platform?

The stand is fully self-guided, you can walk into it and there are sensors all over the counters. It has social distancing features, capacity control, virtual assistants from the office and so much more. You can walk through the whole stand without even speaking to anyone from our team.
We did this for two reasons. Firstly, to prevent the spread of COVID from a health and safety perspective for our employees and for the visitors and secondly, to showcase our muscles and apply the source of digital transformation.

How has your experience been at this year’s GITEX so far?

As I said, we have experienced a lot of positive vibes to be honest. Is it at the level of GITEX last year? Definitely not, but this is all part of the game, it's expected. As the days go by however, we're seeing people get excited and come back to the event.
The first day was slow but the second day was better. We are hoping that today will be even better because I'm getting a lot of calls from people after viewing our social media pages and they want to be here. They want to participate in projects.
I think it’s a great move that was done by the UAE; to allow us to have face to face interviews and be able to meet our clients to have important physical discussions.

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