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Telecom Review secured an exclusive interview with Dmitry Okorokov, CEO of InfiNet Wireless to discuss the company’s participation at GITEX Technology Week 2020, its mission to provide new wireless solutions for the region and lessons learnt during the pandemic.

Could you tell us about InfiNet Wireless’ presence at GITEX this year and what you’re showcasing this week?

It has been a pleasure to finally come to a place like this because everybody had doubts this year. For us, it’s our 12th consecutive GITEX. We never missed a single show and this year is no exception despite everything that's happening in the world. We're happy to be here.

Additionally, we're showcasing many of our new wireless solutions and addressing the needs of customers due to the rise of 5G and IoT technology. So we have a multitude of various solutions and various frequency bands which we're happy to share with our customers all around the region.

What was the pandemic like for InfiNet Wireless? How did you overcome the challenges you faced during this time and what are some takeaways from the current climate as a whole?

Any good company, which of course we are, converts the threats and risks into different opportunities, and I think this year showcased it more than any other year that we have been in the industry. This has been more than 20 years now. Basically, we learned to work remotely and we found that for example, R&D work can be even more efficient when some engineers are working from home, rather than them having their work in the office.

On the other hand, we see a huge uptake in various projects, which were always there, but not to the extent that has been developing this year. I think this is just the beginning of something even bigger, which we will see in the next few years to come.

What are your plans for 2021? Does it look positive for the industry as a whole?

As I said, we have seen lots of different projects which have been raised from the ground by various partners from around the world and the demand will be growing at an even faster rate than we initially thought.

We are super excited about next year and a few other years to come. We are boosting our presence in the region and in the world globally as well as our R&D to make sure that we cope with this demand and that we stay on the leading edge of technology today.

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