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Parallel Wireless, the US-based Open RAN company delivering the world’s leading All G (2G 3G 4G 5G), cloud-native Open RAN solution is at the MWC 2021 in Barcelona, sharing and discussing their latest innovation and products.

In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review during the MWC 2021, Eugina Jordan, VP Marketing, Parallel Wireless shares the company’s efforts in Open RAN deployment and global connectivity.

What are the extensive efforts being done by the company to reimagine how hardware, software and the cloud work together?

Parallel Wireless is the leading software company in Open RAN. We are creating the largest ecosystem of hardware, software system integrator partners to reimagine how 2G, 3G,4G and 5G networks are built. We have the largest deployment based on Open RAN across the globe.

Being an Open RAN advocate in terms of products and solutions, what is your take on those who disagree with this innovation?

Hardware and software disaggregation has played a role in other industries before. It disrupted the consumer industry first, then it disrupted enterprise market settings. So, software and hardware disaggregation had happened before. It's too late for people or companies to disagree with this movement. Mobile operators are willing to deploy Open RAN because it drives their costs down with its ability to mix and match components like the radios with software and port service. So, as I always say, the Open RAN train has left the station. We have to jump on the train, or get off the train. And the industry is on the Open RAN train already. Here at the MWC, Open RAN is the hottest topic. Everybody is talking about Open RAN. People can disagree, but it's a little bit too late.

What more can we expect from Parallel Wireless in the coming years and how would this boost the ongoing digital transformation journey for telcos?

The year 2020 was a really tough year for all of us, and technology became so critical from homeschooling our children, getting our work done to maintaining our health. So what you will see from Parallel Wireless is working with global operators to make sure we deliver solutions for them to satisfy their customers with new and innovative services.

What is your commitment in line with MWC 2021's key theme ‘Connected Impact’?
The theme of MWC 2021 is making a Connected Impact. For Parallel Wireless, making a connected impact means connecting people. And we've been working across the globe with operators in the emerging markets in Africa, Latin America and also in the US. Because the rural areas in US are just as unconnected as Africa.  So ‘Connected Impact’ for Parallel Wireless is bringing connectivity to the whole world.

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