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Telecom Review spoke to Steven Doiron, EVP, regulatory and spectrum affairs, Yahsat who shared his views on Yahsat’s challenges and new offerings in the satellite communication market.

What are the challenges faced by Yahsat in terms of regulatory and spectrum allocations?

These days, the larger challenges that we face are in the area of collaboration with 5G environment as it deploys, to make sure that the offerings of 5G and satellites manage to exist in the same spectrum and in the same space, and how do we make that function in addition to how do geostationary and non-geostationary constellations all come together. These are some of the bigger challenges we are working on through the ITU process.

What are the latest offerings of Yahsat to the government and Enterprises?

One of the latest projects that we are working on is the development of our Thuraya 4 satellites through which we are offering new services to the government and to the general public in terms of mobility with higher capacity and higher throughput. We are really excited for that and we are looking forward to its launch in the next few years.

How is Yahsat coping in competition with the likes of StarLink and SpaceX entering the market?

We see them as complimentary, not necessarily as competition. Geostationary satellites and non-geostationary satellites both bring different things to the market. We wish them the best of luck and hope to see new opportunities for the whole industry.

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