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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Osama Al Dosary, CEO, Salam highlighted the company’s transformation and its main differentiating factors. He also explained how Salam is helping Saudi businesses in their digital journeys. As part of its participation in LEAP, Salam reiterates the company’s commitment to Vision 2030 and emphasize its goal to connect people, businesses and things.

With your new corporate theme, “Where you connect,” what is Salam’s strategy to transform from a telecommunications company to a Saudi technology company offering next-generation IT and digital solutions?

For over a decade, Salam, formerly ITC, has been building strength as a leading telecom provider for businesses and large organizations. We attained our success by building one of the region’s most extensive telecom infrastructures.

Today, this underlying strength has strongly positioned us for expansion and growth beyond B2B and into homes and digital lifestyles. Our new corporate theme, “Where you connect,” signals this transformation and our commitment to seamlessly connect people, businesses, and things. We are no longer just a telecom company. We are a technology services company offering a full breadth of telecom and technology solutions to connect people and businesses, enabling an infinitely connected world.

How does your underlying network strength differentiate you in the telecom sector?

We have submarine and terrestrial gateways connecting Saudi Arabia to the world, and a high-capacity 19,000-kilometer Saudi National Fiber Network (SNFN) connecting all major cities in the Kingdom. We also have state-of-the-art data centers, day-and-night network operations command centers, various last-mile technologies that allow us to connect every home and every organization. It’s one of the most established telecom infrastructures in the region.

All these give Salam the capacity to offer services and products built on a robust foundation, with room for growth and expansion. In addition to connectivity, hosted, and managed services for businesses, we now offer fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), fixed voice and 5G fixed wireless access.

What’s truly exciting is that we are now launching Saudi Arabia’s newest mobile service provider, bringing Salam closer to the center of the Kingdom’s digital transformation and Vision 2030 goals.

How are you helping Saudi businesses work smarter and stay ahead of change and disruption as Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation moves forward at full speed?

Salam has built a reputation for making the business of our clients, our business, with highly trained specialists in every sector. Organizations have come to trust Salam to help them improve business operation, reduce cost, and enhance performance. We host and manage IT and information systems for organizations large and small. All these have allowed us to help our customers focus on what they do best: manage their growth and stay ahead with their digital transformation.

Salam is pioneering the first and only 1 Gbps fiber connection in Saudi Arabia. Can you tell us more about this and why Salam is so far ahead when it comes to fiber connectivity?

Our network not only uniquely positions Salam to bring the fastest connection to homes virtually everywhere. It also allows us to offer the first and only 1 Gbps fiber connection in Saudi Arabia, setting our customers free to experience a fully managed digital experience without limits. That’s a big deal, and just a hint of things to come. We’re constantly at work to add richer layers of digital experiences and services on top for gamers, streamers, and families everywhere.

What are you looking for in your participation this year in LEAP, and how is this event supporting Salam’s vision?

Our world is changing rapidly. LEAP is a massive showcase of future technologies fueling and shaping this change with innovations that have the power to drastically alter and grow the digital economy. Being here allows Salam to show our commitment to play an active part in this journey and Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation. Indeed, we are committing as a company to support and harness new technology that will help us fulfill our vision to seamlessly connect people, businesses, and things.

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