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Celebrating empowering women in the tech industry, Telecom Review gets an exclusive with Ooredoo Group’s first-ever appointed woman CEO. Noor Al-Sulaiti, chief executive officer, Ooredoo Oman, shares how Ooredoo plays a significant role in Oman’s digital transformation journey and the ongoing strategies being carried out under her leadership.

What are the corporate and financial strategies being carried out at Ooredoo Oman under your leadership?

The next phase of our long-term strategy is centered on driving the country’s Vision 2040 through ongoing digital transformation, nurturing the development of people and enterprises, and catering to ever-evolving communications needs. As our journey to be more digitally-driven continues, we are carving out an even bigger path for technologies like 5G and IoT, as well as providing better, more value-added mobile and home internet services. We are also focused on supporting entrepreneurship and SMEs; the backbone of Oman’s developing economic focus. Meanwhile, we are finding new ways of segmenting our business to put us ahead of the curve when it comes to competition.

Being the first woman appointed as CEO in one of Ooredoo Group’s main markets, what are the challenges and expectations you face and how do you handle these?

Ooredoo Group has been the incubator for a diverse talent pool. We already have female leadership across all the OpCo’s. I am honoured to be appointed as the first female CEO and I hope that in few years it will not hit the news headlines as it becomes the norm to appoint female CEOs.

What is the significant role that Ooredoo plays in Oman’s digital transformation journey?

Oman is in the midst of a new phase of growth, defined by its digital transformation ambitions and goals. As data experience leaders, we have played a leading role in this from the beginning by broadening internet accessibility, championing innovation and value in our products and services, pioneering disruptive technologies like IoT, cloud and 5G, all while offering a superior, digital-led customer experience through channels like our multi award-winning app.

Through numerous partnerships with the public sector, we are sharing our experience and best practices to help the government enhance its administrative performance and facilitate its move to digitalization. These include a variety of training courses for employees working in different ministries and sectors to develop their professional capabilities, as well as conferences on the telecommunications industry which helps the government and community align with the country’s goals to become a digital and knowledge-based society.

Along with our government sector partners, we have also been working with DIAM and NEC on the country’s first Internet of Things (IoT) network in the form of smart water meters.

Ultimately, we are supporting Oman to keep pace with global technological and industrial trends, which is ultimately integrated into the world’s economy.

How would Ooredoo Oman keep up with the ever-evolving communications demands of consumers and enterprises?

The telecoms industry has always had to be fast-paced and constantly changing to keep up with new technologies and rapidly evolving consumer demands. With our customers’ needs always evolving, we make sure that we upgrade, enhance, supplement and reward to give them exactly what they want and more.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased demand for data. In response to which, we had a variety of offers, add-ons and enhanced plans, to give our customers everything they need to work, play and connect. In addition, when businesses were working from home, we increased our bandwidth speeds going up to 1Gbps and offered unlimited calls, data packages, extra speeds and much more, all of which can be purchased online, to make working remotely easier.

Meanwhile, we continue to tune ourselves into the needs of our customers and companies alike, and strive to ensure that people can enjoy the most of what modern technology has to offer, in a way that suits their needs, lifestyle, budget and business needs.

With women in tech industries now stepping ahead of the corporate ladder, what words of motivation can you give these aspiring leaders of the future?

Exactly what I would say to any man or women in the workplace. Never stop learning, embrace change and accept new challenges. Ensure you have high standards for your work and delivery and know that with grit and consistency, you will achieve your ambition.

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