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On the sidelines of LEAP exhibition and conference held in Riyadh, Telecom Review met with Femi Oshiga, vice president of service providers in the Middle East and Africa, CommScope to discuss the company’s participation in the event and the role that it is playing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the MEA region in general.

CommScope has a decades-long experience in the Saudi market, which has enabled it to be a market leader for many of the solutions the company provides.

“We work with all network operators here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in varying ways and degrees. We’re providing them with innovative solutions to help them in their 5G deployment today”, says Femi Oshiga.

ICT companies participated in LEAP for various reasons. For CommScope, LEAP is a means to showcase the cutting-edge solutions it offers and maintain the strong relations it has with all of its partners and customers in the Kingdom and the region as a whole.

“By participating in LEAP, we’re trying to demonstrate our presence in the Kingdom and prove our position in the market. We’re here to show the diversity of our portfolio - from our wireless portfolio, Wi-Fi solutions, in-building wireless solutions to data center and structured cable solutions.”

Outdoor wireless solutions are an important element of CommScope’s portfolio. With 5G, CommScope has a lot to offer.

“The biggest thing happening now in the wireless space is 5G. We have a major role to play in 5G – as well as specific 5G orientated solutions , our innovative antennas and legacy solutions will play a key role. We contribute to the whole supply chain with our Radio Frequency (RF) equipment and conditioning solutions at the cell site, and also with backhaul and data transport to the data center”, CommScope’s VP explained.

About the goals for 2022, Femi Oshiga said, “In the Kingdom, it’s about strengthening our position and offering the operators choice and customized best in class solutions. That’s what we will continue to do in 2022.

“We want to make sure that operators can benefit from all of what CommScope has to offer. Many of our customers work with us today in one of our areas of expertise – what we really want to achieve in 2022 is show that CommScope has an overriding story that helps them solve all problems while they focus on acquiring new customers and generating new revenue, leaving it to us to solve the problems of infrastructure.”

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