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In an exclusive with Telecom Review, Igor Gorkov, chief executive officer, Nexign, shared how the company progressed in 2021 and will put a special focus on 5G in 2022. This year, Nexign is physically attending the annual Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, where demos of its cutting-edge solutions can be witnessed at booth #5A65.

What has been the growth performance of Nexign in 2021 and how will this impact the company's journey in 2022?

Generally speaking, Nexign has reached the planned objectives, which is a solid proof that we are stable and chose the right direction for our further progress. We have designed several important solutions as well as completed a few major projects installing our BSS systems in place of legacy ones for certain major operators. We expect the year 2022 to offer comparable challenges as the digital transformation journey for telecom is far from over. The pandemic, of course, has had some effects on our business forcing us to favor remote work where it had never been tried before but it worked out even better than we expected. It’s safe to say that we’ve learned a few things that would be very helpful in the future. And, just like everybody else in the world, we are hoping that 2022 will be the last year of the pandemic and we all will be able to return to what we missed since 2020 without forgetting what we had learned over those three years.

Having almost three decades of leadership in the BSS market, what are the new and improved offerings that Nexign brings to CSPs?

We have a wide range of BSS solutions beginning from out-of-the-box ones that allow one to launch a mobile business right off the bat to complex systems designed to fit very specific business and infrastructural needs of our customers. On top of that, we offer things like the microservices framework that simplifies the development of new products and massively cuts their time to market.

In your latest Nexign feature, you highlighted more competition as 5G expands. What is the role of Nexign in meeting this industry demand?

It all comes down to the digital transformation that has been ongoing for some while now. We roll out solutions in BSS and beyond that can bridge the gap between high tech and telecom and boost the transformation. We seek to make all our solutions adaptable to any transformational philosophy in telecom and beyond. I’m happy to say that this approach has been successful. For example, we have recently finalized a project for an operator in Central Asia that is rolling out 5G infrastructure now. To us, it means that we as a company as well as our products are ready for the widespread adoption of new technologies, and our solutions will remain on par with the overall technological advancement.

What are you highlighting in MWC 2022 and why is this important? 

Nexign’s general focus remains in the area of digital transformations and monetization streams with a special focus this year on 5G. The changes it brings about are beyond just another connectivity generation. As those changes require transformation on the technological and the mindset levels alike, we brought our solutions in the 5G monetization area as well as those related to services agility and employee experience that will help CSPs to go deeper and fully embrace the new reality and new opportunities.

In the fast-paced digital era, how will Nexign continue to maintain its internal and external operations?

We at Nexign believe that the corporate culture and business development are closely entwined. A corporate culture that endorses initiative and facilitates fast-paced changes is a must for a company that seeks to retain its competitive edge. Our idea was that to be a leader in digitizing other companies we must experience digitalization ourselves, so now all processes in our company are digital. In fact, the results proved to be so good that we made products out of some of our ideas and we are proud to offer them as part as our product portfolio to CSPs and non-telecom companies.

In your perspective, what would boost telecom operators' digital transformation further in the coming years?

The competition between the big tech and telecom acts as a major impetus in driving digital transformation forward which manifests, among other things, in the continuing move to cloud-native solutions and microservices architecture not just in telecom but in IT as well. The new infrastructural philosophy that they represent simply makes businesses more agile and adaptable to market changes.

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