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On the sidelines of MWC22, Telecom Review secured an exclusive one-on-one with Chaouki Boukhazani, chairman and chief executive officer of Mobilis, to discuss the operator’s objectives, vision for the future, and their remarkable network coverage in Algeria.

Mr BOUKHAZANI Chaouki, can you briefly outline Mobilis' vision and objectives?

The vision of Mobilis is to be the first digital service provider in the region. This requires of course a transformation, whether at the level of our vision, strategy, or organization, but also to put in place consequent investments. Currently, and in parallel with MWC22, Mobilis is already providing the best coverage in Algeria. It is just a first step that will be followed by improved performance for all the country. Moreover, we have undertaken a set of actions and measures establishing the pillars of a digital service provider and putting our focus on offering the best services and content.

‘Together We Make the Future’ is your new slogan. Mr BOUKHAZANI,  can you elaborate on what it reflects?

Our former slogan was 'Mobilis, Everywhere with you'. This slogan has been honored and Mobilis has kept its commitment by winning the Speedtest Award for the best network coverage in Algeria during MWC. However, the future is not just about best coverage, or best speed. It must be about fulfilling the needs of our customers, businesses, and country in general, and engaging in a government policy that aims to boost both knowledge and service economies. For this purpose, we have adopted our new slogan, reflecting on creating our future by acting as one team with our partners and customers. It is a slogan that also has value within the company with our employees, present in the 58 wilayas of Algeria. Moreover, with this slogan, we focus on all aspects of education which is main driver to build the future.

You mentioned receiving the Speedtest Award for the best network coverage in Algeria in 2021. What is its importance for you?

Obtaining this prize is another testimony that the actions we have undertaken in recent months have borne fruit. it is true that this award is the culmination of several years of work and dedication by our employees, these employees and this Mobilis team have moved up a gear in recent months and we will continue in this pace for more achievements and for the satisfaction of our customers.

We are present everywhere in Algeria even in the remote and deprived areas not for profitability reasons but to guarantee to our customers, citizens of Algeria, the right of connectivity. Obtaining this award proves that we have indeed achieved this goal. This is only the start for other achievements, whether in terms of quality of service, content, or services provided to our customers.

For Mobilis, it is important to be the engine of the market, the leader by inducing and forcing change. To this end, we are going to install and establish a new dynamic that focuses on our customers, but which contributes more and more to the evolution of our country and our economy, particularly in the knowledge economy and digital services for the benefit of companies.

Mr BOUKHAZANI, have you set yet other objectives for the future?

I do not believe that revealing all our objectives is the right strategy in a market known for its competition, but we can give the main lines. Evolution and transformation require investment, and Mobilis is ready to invest and will invest above all for Algeria. To be leader in Algeria, we must provide more efforts. We must provide our customers, our citizens with better services and better contents that is worthy of this country.

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