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Carbon emission is one of the main factors affecting global climate change. The carbon emissions of ICT itself account for only 2% of the global carbon emissions, but ICT can be used as a platform for various new technologies and applications to help the industry accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation, thereby helping the industry reduce emissions by 10 times the leverage effect.

Based on green ICT, ZTE's green scenario solution uses 5G terminals as probes to penetrate the industry, and the basic capabilities such as machine vision, AI, big data and industrial interconnection are abstracted into components. Based on 5G terminals and the abstract components, the solutions are customized for specific industrial scenarios, which can help enterprises achieve digital transformation and optimize the high energy consumption links to achieve higher production efficiency per energy consumption while promoting green production.

  • Green Native Product Manufacturing

    At the 5G smart manufacturing plant in Nanjing, not only is the highest energy consumption procedure optimized (including high-temperature aging), but other auxiliary systems such as lighting and air conditioning are managed in a more refined manner, only being turned on when needed in a specific area. The new production line, equipped with 5G and AI, has reduced the energy consumption of single-product manufacturing by 19% and the annual energy consumption of the plant by 5%.

  • Green Energy Use

    The solution promotes the large-scale application of the digital power grid through its deep integration with 5G and TSN technology. By replacing traditional optical communication with 5G communication, the daily data collection, inspection and remote control of the power grid can be conducted at lower cost and with extremely high reliability, which enhances the power grid's ability to absorb new energy access. In coordination with China Southern Power Grid, we have assessed that the capacity of new energy connected to the grid can be increased fourfold by 2030.

  • Green Metallurgy

    For high-energy consumption industries such as electrolytic aluminum and iron and steel smelting, a 5G private network and scenario scheme are integrated as a customized solution to locate the high-energy consumption link. Through real-time data collection, big data and AI analysis, key process flow is optimized to reduce energy consumption. By improving the uniformity of the distribution of alumina concentration in the electrolytic cell improves the current efficiency by1 ~ 2%. More than 90 million kwh of electricity can be saved every year.

    ZTE Green ICT Empower Industry Solution not only focuses on telecommunication networks but also penetrates industry applications, offering a possible way to optimize the high power consumption link by closely integrating with the intelligent platform, which can customize the solution for different scenarios. This solution is accelerating the digital transformation of the industry with the benefit of lower emissions and higher efficiency. Together with 500+ partners, we have carried out extensive innovative practices in 15 industries, including electronic manufacturing, metallurgy, iron and steel, mining, electricity, rail transit, ports, government affairs, new media, culture and tourism, creating a series of benchmarking projects.

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