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In an exclusive interview for Telecom Review, Danah AlJasem, Corporate Communications GM, stc Kuwait, elaborates on the context of Kuwait Vision 2035, and how stc Kuwait is empowering businesses and SMEs through service. She also tackled the topic of how to encourage women in the ICT field.

With the rebranding, how does stc Kuwait solidify its reputation in line with the focus of Kuwait Vision 2035?

The new Kuwait Vision 2035 aims to transform the country into a financial trade hub regionally and internationally. When stc decided to rebrand recently back in Q4 2019, it was not just a facelift of the brand identity, which looks more digitized today. It was also a strategy that came along with a few promises, and those promises embraced enriching people's lives, the customer experience, expansion      and acquisitions to tap into other markets, as well as bringing on board the best offerings in terms of stc being a large corporation listed on the stock exchange in the private sector, which plays a big role in contributing to the creation of the vision of 2035. And as other companies within other industries join hands with stc, this vision could be achieved within no time.

How does stc Kuwait help empower businesses and SMEs through service, transparency and proactivity?

This question could be answered from two different perspectives: the first is through the corporate social responsibility agenda of stc as it embraces the empowerment of youth and supports SMEs and businesses as one of its main pillars. We are very proactive in approaching the segment in order to give them support and give back to the community. From another perspective, commercially speaking, our B2B arm, solutions by stc, has customized several packages for the SME segment to help them grow their businesses, especially during the pandemic, when they needed to be lifted up when the market was down.

As one of the notable women in the ICT field, how can you encourage other women to be involved and thrive in this sector?

I did heard that the number of females are growing in the ICT sector as of last year 2021. Women play a big role in the enablement of ICT, as they are naturally known to be more detail-oriented and enjoy high levels of creativity, which is a necessity in the ICT market and is a requirement to innovation. As well, digitization is growing in the markets alongside the ICT, which gives more job opportunities in the market for both genders and could balance diversity and inclusion in different corporations. As a woman working in the ICT sector, I really enjoy my job. It's a challenging job because you have to manage with a work-life balance; however, it gives you a lot of experience, exposure and a lot of knowledge that you can pass on to others around you.

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