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This year’s Telecom Review Award for Best Global AI Use for Network Monetization went to Reailize, a company of B-Yond, one of the fastest-growing network AI companies and the leader in network intelligence and operation automation. Michael Tenn, VP, business development, MEA, Reailize, pulls back the curtain on what goes into becoming an innovative tech company with an eye toward the future.

Please tell us briefly about Reailize as a company and how telcos are benefiting from its machine learning and automation solutions to explore 5G and Cloud opportunities.

Let us summarize it in reverse Engineering manner in a sense. A good customer retention comes from a good customer experience, and a good customer experience comes from a good, reliable network with a solid and attractive delivery of a business model that relies on two permanent aspects: technical and commercial. Through our services, we ensure that our telco partners meet their objectives by relying on our Automation solutions and trust on the delivery of a Fully controlled end-to-end perspective across all network services, domains, and verticals. We provide them with solutions that enables them to have a full and comprehensive control in a proactive and predictive mode capturing early shaping anomalies which could have any service impact while delivering a clear and actionable root cause analysis— subsequently becoming fully capable in remedying the issue proactively and most important our automation solution gives them the ability to have an Absolute Validation of all new technology from a pre-production environment to a post-production environment at a volume and scale previously not possible- through Technology, Automation, & Expertise.

We are well aware of the Telco industry challenges resulting from higher competition, technical proliferation, demand for shorter time to value, and elevated demand for heightened customer experience. We acknowledge the operators aim and need to expand 5G & broadband and cloud opportunities coverage across their markets, provide exceptional customer experience, enhance their capabilities, and churn the competition by adding value to their end customers.

This is the key value that Reailize is bringing to its client partners an innovative mean of much higher level of automation in operation that addresses and remedy their Current and continuous operation challenges.

What should telcos keep an eye on in the evolution of networks, given the dynamic technological advancements?

Stability and sustainability. When I say sustainability, I mean innovative offerings that are technologically advanced and that enable operators to be ahead of the curve, to churn competition and to have a stable environment and solutions that will help on customer retention. Operators and vendors need to focus on partnerships that can provide them with end-to-end visibility and automation to help them package solutions that are stable and reliable.

How is Reailize charting its expansion plans? What are the sectors/verticals that are of most interest to you and why?

We are involved in the entire scope of operations; all sectors and verticals are of interest to us. Having said that, true we are a network-centric operation and solutions, but our end results are impacting every single vertical, whether it be automation, business models, business offerings or customer experience. In a nutshell, we are involved in every vertical with a focus on networks.

As leaders in machine learning and automation, upskilling the workforce is indeed a constant feature. How is Reailize sourcing its talents and motivation to stay ahead of the race?

We are passionate about talent acquisition and retention. As a group of companies, we have multiple focus on verticals and technologies. We are involved in every single aspect of the technology domain. Once a talent is part of our family, there is tons of room to learn, grow and exercise knowledge sharing. We are like an open IOS platform, an elastic knowledge base that allows and motivates any talent to move from group to group where they can continuously re-invent themselves and thrive. Our knowledge base is unstoppable, any talent will have the continuous opportunity to debate, innovate, challenge and be challenged, endless involvement in new ideas, discussions, and great projects across the board.  Simply put, that is why Reailize continuously innovates.

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