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Zain KSA's unwavering commitment to driving innovation in the Saudi telecommunications sector stems from its strategic focus on creating a distinct and comprehensive customer experience that integrates cutting-edge digital services, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer journey, and pioneering distribution channels. The pivotal role of the sales and distribution sector emerges as a key driver in leveraging an end-to-end customer journey that fosters engagement within Zain's digital world and makes the most of 5G technologies. In this interview, Zain KSA's Chief Sales Officer, Eng. Maher Al-Fawaz, sheds light on the company's key features, which revolve around an immersive digital experience bolstered by an advanced network of distribution channels that keep up with the latest technology trends. This ensures that Zain KSA extends the reach of its innovative solutions and services, navigating the Kingdom's nationwide digital transformation journey in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. Here’s the full interview.

How has the sales sector contributed to Zain KSA's remarkable achievements in recent years?

We take immense pride in the strides we have made in only a few short years, cementing our position as a leading digital services provider in the Kingdom. Through our compelling suite of digital services, we have successfully established an integrated ecosystem of innovative digital solutions and products that cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers. This has not only improved individuals' quality of life but has also played a pivotal role in driving the Kingdom's nationwide digital transformation, especially within the business sector.

Our strategic focus on customer care, innovation and development has been at the core of our approach. We have consistently prioritized investment in innovation and development to ensure a high-end customer journey and a fully immersive digital experience across all customer segments. Additionally, we have introduced groundbreaking digital services and solutions that anticipate future technological advancements. In doing so, we have rewired an end-to-end customer journey, thereby ensuring a seamless and efficient experience that focuses on clear-cut touchpoints to fulfill our customers’ aspirations. As a result, we have devised an integrated marketing and sales strategy that thrives on innovation, diversification and expansion. Supported by a comprehensive and unique portfolio of digital solutions and services, Zain KSA is committed to facilitating seamless and highly efficient connectivity and driving the Kingdom's digital transformation journey.

And how did you turn this vision into reality?

Turning vision into reality is the ultimate measure of impact. Our journey began with a comprehensive renovation of our internal business support systems and the incorporation of digital tools for managing customer relationships, revenue, products and channels, seeking to provide uninterrupted support to both individual customers and businesses, regardless of their location. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, we introduced a compelling range of innovative services and solutions that are accessible to all.

We take great pride in being among the pioneering telecom providers in the region to offer an integrated eSIM experience, delivering highly efficient and distinctive benefits. Additionally, we have emerged as leaders in cloud gaming in Saudi Arabia. Our cloud gaming ecosystem, which includes the GeForce Now service, ensures a seamless gaming experience without the need for specialized equipment, storage, or advanced processing. By combining cutting-edge technologies with exceptional content, users can enjoy over 1,000 games from anywhere and on any device.

In addition, we have collaborated with global gaming platform PlayHera to introduce the PLAYHERA MENA platform for esports in the regional markets, aspiring to create a supportive environment for content creators and designers. The partnership also aims to foster talent development and enhance the capabilities of professional esports players while targeting the rapidly growing market in the region, which encompasses 100 million players, including over 19.8 million in Saudi Arabia. Remarkably, the Saudi gaming market alone is witnessing a remarkable annual growth rate of up to 22%, with a market valued at around SAR 2.6 billion.

We have also entered alliances with leading providers of visual and audio digital entertainment services, tailoring high-value packages and products to cater to the needs of businesses and their teams.

At Zain KSA, we have implemented a capital optimization strategy to enhance the customer experience and maximize value delivery. Through the strategic reduction of CAPEX investments, we allocate resources efficiently, ensuring a superior customer journey and delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Isn’t it imperative to employ innovative marketing channels in order to effectively deliver these cutting-edge services and solutions?

Absolutely. At Zain KSA, our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences throughout the entire value chain extends to our commitment to connecting with customers through their preferred channels. That's why we continually strive to add new distribution channels that enhance the dissemination of Zain KSA solutions and services. Our aim is to effectively serve our existing customers wherever they are and, also, to target new customer segments.

Moreover, we offer innovative digital solutions that prioritize flexibility, providing a wide range of secure payment options to meet diverse needs. By actively pursuing strategic partnerships with prominent retailers, product providers and digital solution providers in the Kingdom, we are not only extending beyond on-site support and technical assistance but also building an integrated distribution ecosystem. This ecosystem plays a vital role in creating value for both individuals and businesses, enabling us to effectively serve our existing customers and target new customer segments. Furthermore, our exclusive partnerships with local banks facilitate customers' access to our products and services through our online store. This all-digital approach ensures that all individuals, including both Zain KSA customers and beneficiaries of our partners' services, can easily benefit from our digital solutions and enjoy a seamless and enhanced digital experience.

How have you leveraged Zain KSA's 5G network capabilities to enhance your customers’ digital journey?

I believe that it is widely known that Zain KSA's strategic focus revolves around three key objectives: delivering an exceptional user experience through diverse and integrated digital solutions and services; fostering innovation and development within our offerings; and maximizing the potential of our advanced infrastructure to support the progress of new digital sectors and solutions.

To achieve these goals, we have proactively expanded the capabilities of our 5G network, enabling us to create an outstanding customer journey through innovative distribution channels. Our network’s immense technological potential and extensive coverage, particularly in Riyadh, as highlighted in the Meqyas report for Q4 2022, have been instrumental in designing groundbreaking digital experiences with new solutions and applications that align with the next-gen technological breakthroughs.

What are the primary challenges your organization faces, particularly in relation to digital transformation?

With our advanced digital infrastructure, a diverse range of digital solutions and products, innovative distribution channels, and integrated marketing and sales strategy, we possess all the essential elements to provide our customers with a cutting-edge digital experience. However, I believe the key challenge lies in driving a paradigm shift in the behaviors of certain customer segments to embrace the transformative power of our integrated digital ecosystem, as this can have a profound positive impact on both their personal and professional lives.

That is why we are persistent in building awareness among both individuals and businesses about the benefits that our comprehensive and integrated digital solutions ecosystem brings. Another significant challenge we encounter is striking a balance between the rapid population growth in several key cities and the number of our service branches. To tackle this, we are actively working on optimizing the efficiency and capacity of our branches across the Kingdom, strategically distributing them to ensure seamless and direct communication with our customers. This enables us to provide industry-leading services that meet the growing demands of our expanding customer base.

In line with this approach, we draw on our capacity to create an ideal balance between our cutting-edge technology and our unique talent pool to solve complex problems and create an innovative, sustainable environment. Our highly skilled workforce remains readily available to assist customers through our automated chatbot, ensuring personalized and prompt assistance. Our ultimate aim is to lead an inclusive digital transformation, catering to every requirement of our customers and delivering an unparalleled experience. By driving digital innovation and leveraging a customer-centric approach, we actively contribute to the Kingdom's journey toward a fully digitized future.

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