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By: Roque Lozano, senior vice president, Networks Infrastructure (NI), Nokia, Middle East and Africa (MEA)

In today's digital age, the success of any service is heavily reliant on the quality of connectivity that supports and enables it. The concept of better or “premium" connectivity varies depending on the targeted user experience and the service characteristics. It can range from basic internet access to sophisticated and critical operations in advanced industrial settings. User experience forms the foundation of service success, and quality perception plays a vital role in commercial operations. Connectivity, much like water, is an essential resource that empowers individuals by providing access to knowledge and connecting them to the world. I’d like to explore the significance of premium connectivity and its transformative impact on society.

Connectivity as Water

To understand the role of connectivity, let's draw a parallel with water distribution. Just as water is distributed through an extensive network of pipes, our mission at Nokia Network Infrastructure (NI) is to connect users to the cloud or service sources. This connection will be established through various means, such as radio access and fiber access, consolidated in metro and regional networks, and most likely transported through international terrestrial and subsea cables for thousands of kilometers. Connectivity, like water, flows in both directions; this digital connectivity flows both upstream and downstream in the same infrastructure, connecting users to the cloud and back. While water reaches our homes through a complex network of pipes connecting dams, rivers and lakes, connectivity links individuals to the global network of data centers that form the cloud.

Multi-Service, Multi-Directional Connections

Connectivity is not limited to a single service or direction. Connectivity today supports a multitude of services and facilitates connections in all directions. Like opening a tap to connect with the water supply, individuals can connect themselves or their locations to the cloud and/or other users. The volume and pressure of water required vary depending on the need, and connectivity follows the same principle. Whether we require a small amount of data or a massive transfer at high speeds, premium connectivity ensures that diverse requirements are met. Moreover, premium connectivity enables mobility, allowing individuals to carry their "tap" of connectivity wherever they go, catering to their specific needs and preferences.

To make the comparison a bit more complex, digital connectivity not only connects but, like water, flows at different pressures, providing a rich set of digital services (data, video, voice, signaling, IoT) that require specific “treatment” during its transportation/storage to be used properly. Different levels of latency, QoS and resiliency are required while always being expected to do it in a sustainable and secure manner (privacy).

Bridging the Digital Divide

In our pursuit of premium connectivity, our aim is to create multi-service, multi-directional connections on a single infrastructure. The goal is to maximize utilization, fulfill business cases, and most importantly, ensure social impact via digital inclusion. Our vision is to transform the digital gap into a digital opportunity. This inclusivity-driven approach applies to all markets, from consumers and residential users to small and large enterprises across industries. Sustainability, green, social development, and digitalization are interconnected concepts. Without reliable and affordable connectivity, there can be no business case, digital adoption, and progress towards a green and inclusive future.

Premium connectivity is not defined by its price; it is determined by the added value it brings to services. It can range from providing widespread, affordable basic access to the internet up to ensuring secure critical missions or very specific use cases for life-saving actions. Premium connectivity adapts to the requirements of various services and sectors, such as medical remote interventions, mining critical operations, safety disaster recovery and more. The exponential power of networks lies in their ability to connect society, as exemplified by their role during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond business-oriented applications, premium connectivity can also drive initiatives like disaster recovery, education, healthcare and social inclusion, creating a positive impact everywhere. It is probably the most important development tool in our society.

Premium connectivity acts as the cornerstone of digital transformation, enabling individuals and organizations to leverage the vast potential of the digital world. By bridging the digital divide and providing reliable and affordable connectivity, we can empower communities, foster social sustainability and drive inclusive growth. Just as water connects the lakes of the mountains to taps worldwide, premium connectivity connects individuals, organizations and societies, ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of a better, connected future.

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