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In an exclusive interview, Danial Mausoof, Head of Sales for Mobile Networks at Nokia MEA, discusses the newly launched Open Innovation Lab in Dubai and other key solutions for mobile networks.

Could you please tell us about the role of Nokia's Open Innovation Lab in enabling innovation and accelerating the adoption of new technologies, such as AI/ML, for network automation and optimization in the MENA region?

The recently launched Open Innovation Lab in Dubai is focused on delivering and bringing together a partner ecosystem, including our global partners such as HPE and Dell as well as the enterprise and CSP customers in the region. The lab's objective is to drive an open innovation platform, where we will work on use cases on Cloud RAN, allowing virtualization to be integrated into a purpose-built RAN. Secondly, the lab will allow to explore automation use cases EdenNET SON portfolio using AI and ML. Additionally, we are introducing the Enterprise MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) platform for startups and other ecosystem players to collaborate with Nokia and drive innovation in the region. We are thrilled to host the Open Innovation Lab in Dubai and are delighted to see the number of players who have already joined forces with Nokia.

How are HPE and Nokia collaborating to deliver solutions that unlock the full potential of Cloud RAN? Are there any specific projects you would like to highlight?

We are fortunate to be working with HPE and Dell, as well as all major web-scale companies worldwide. We are strengthening our partnerships with each of them in the region. For example, here at GITEX, our RAN demonstration features both HP and Dell servers as part of our anyRAN demo. Both organizations are closely cooperating to advance Cloud RAN opportunities, especially in the enterprise sector. We have numerous trials underway in this region and globally, and we will continue to collaborate with our partners and CSP customers to facilitate various use cases that drive our leadership in Cloud RAN. Nokia has been on the Cloud RAN journey since the beginning, and we believe that our products are best-in-class and delivering the performance that is needed to move forward to the next level in Cloud RAN and virtualization.

How are Nokia and its strategic partners addressing the energy efficiency and sustainability challenges faced by their customers? What has been the most pressing issue in this journey?

We at Nokia believe that there is no green without digital, and what that means is sustainability plays a pivotal role in all aspects of our product life cycle. We are dedicated to upholding this commitment in the region. We continuously work to ensure that our products deliver optimal power efficiency and using our EdenNET SON portfolio, driving energy efficiency improvements for our customers. In this region, we have conducted trials with some of our major customers, demonstrating energy efficiency improvements of up to 15%. This is on top of our energy-efficient features that are delivered as part of our software. Another critical element of energy efficiency stems from our Rural Connect Solution, where we are working in Africa to bridge the digital divide. We are exploring ways to leverage off-grid power solutions, such as solar and batteries, for cost-effective rural solutions and to provide the necessary coverage in Africa. We are committed and continuing to deliver top-notch efficiency for all our products and services.

What key solutions is Nokia offering for mobile networks?

Nokia is demonstrating some of our leading portfolios at GITEX including the anyRAN solution in partnership with Dell and HP. In addition, we are also demonstrating our industry-leading radio and Microwave products and Cognitive SON solution.

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