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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review,  solutions by stc Kuwait’s CEO, Mohammed Nizar Al-Nusif, explains how the company actively contributes to the realization of Kuwait Vision 2035 and fosters the growth of Kuwait's digital economy through innovative solutions and strategic collaborations.

What sets solutions by stc Kuwait apart as the preferred one-stop solutions partner in Kuwait and beyond?

At the heart of solutions by stc Kuwait’s success lies our steadfast commitment to delivering a comprehensive spectrum of services spanning Connectivity, IT, and ICT. Additionally, we stand out in our market as a comprehensive provider of both fixed and wireless connectivity solutions, offering a one-stop shop for all your business needs. These unique capabilities position us as an exceptionally convenient and trustworthy partner for businesses of all sizes. Our dedication to putting our customers at the forefront is a pivotal differentiator, as we actively seek and incorporate customer feedback, ensuring that our services align perfectly with their diverse needs.

Moreover, we are part of the stc group, a globally renowned telecommunications powerhouse with a substantial regional presence, which further bolsters our standing locally and throughout the region. This position uniquely equips us to provide top-tier business and wholesale solutions to our customers across the region. Our robust financial performance underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence, while our extensive customer base stands as a testament to the trust our partners place in us.

Can you share insights into the meticulous strategies that have catapulted solutions by stc Kuwait to prominence?

Our unwavering customer-centric approach has paved the way for dynamic partnerships with local and globally recognized collaborators, esteemed technology providers, and industry luminaries. These strategic alliances empower us to harness cutting-edge technologies, innovations, and domain expertise, enabling us to offer unparalleled services. stc Kuwait’s strategic acquisition of E-Portal Holdings has further fortified our capabilities in the B2B and ICT sectors, allowing us to offer a broader range of services, granting access to new markets. To further empower our customers and align with their needs, we built digital channels for complete account management, complemented by delivery services all across the country.

Additionally, our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility is an integral pillar of our overarching strategy. Sustainability is woven into the very fabric of our corporate strategy and is integrated into every aspect of our operations and initiatives. stc’s extensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework encompasses a diverse array of initiatives, events, and programs aimed at empowering our community and nurturing the next generation. Our educational ‘Weyak’ entrepreneurship initiative operates in line with our CSR objectives of enabling the digital transformation journey for SMEs and local start-ups, supporting our commitment to uphold the local economy.

Our role as a catalyst for Kuwait's flourishing start-up ecosystem is pivotal. Our first intake of the “inspireU” program in Kuwait, which has been run for 10 years by stc group, a first-of-its-kind startup incubator, is the perfect accelerator for new business ideas, providing support, guidance, training and social networking opportunities to finance SME ideas into a successful business. Through the provision of essential infrastructure services, access to cloud resources, and the cultivation of a collaborative culture, we advocate innovation and entrepreneurship, driving Kuwait's digital economy to greater heights.

Cybersecurity will continue to remain a core priority, especially with the recent years marked by escalating cyber threats. Our robust cybersecurity solutions aim to protect Kuwait's digital assets and critical infrastructure, providing a secure digital environment conducive to economic activities.

To facilitate the growing technology needs of Kuwait’s business segments, solutions by stc Kuwait collaborated with strategic connectivity and solution partners across the globe, marking strong growth in the Wholesale Connectivity segment. Today, we are a leading contender in enterprise connectivity across the GCC, Iraq and beyond into Europe, and we have expanded our ICT vision into adjacent markets, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

What is your vision for Kuwait's digital economy in the near future?

The growth trajectory of Kuwait's digital economy holds immense promise, with solutions by stc Kuwait playing an active pivotal role in nurturing this development. Several key factors contribute to the growth of Kuwait's digital economy. Firstly, Kuwait has demonstrated its commitment to digital transformation through substantial investments in ICT infrastructure, forming the foundation for digital advancement and economic expansion. The Kuwaiti government has also initiated transformative digital projects as part of Kuwait Vision 2035, aiming to modernize a diverse array of sectors, including E-commerce, Fintech, Healthtech and Smart City solutions. These visionary initiatives are designed to catalyze e-government services and stimulate innovation, positioning Kuwait as a formidable contender on the global digital stage. The country is fostering a thriving start-up ecosystem, supported by government incentives, incubators, and funding opportunities. These start-ups are driving innovation and economic diversification, propelling Kuwait's digital transformation journey.

In what ways does solutions by stc Kuwait accelerate Kuwait’s transformation goals, aligned with Kuwait Vision 2035?

solutions by stc Kuwait acts as the catalyst for Kuwait's expanding digital economy by implementing a multifaceted approach. This includes offering a comprehensive suite of digital solutions, empowering businesses to embark on their digital journey, and strengthening their competitive edge in the digital landscape. Our active involvement in Smart Cities, Fintech, E-commerce and Healthtech solutions substantiates urban development, perfectly aligning with Kuwait's vision to modernize infrastructure and elevate urban living standards. These solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with other smart city infrastructure components, such as IoT sensors, traffic management systems, and data analytics, forming the foundational pillars of a broader smart city ecosystem.

Our investment in ICT infrastructure, pioneering the deployment of cutting-edge 5G networks led by stc, establishing state-of-the-art data centers, and provisioning high-speed internet connectivity further amplify Kuwait's digital readiness. Our proactive engagement with government entities, businesses, and international partners fuels digital transformation efforts both domestically and on a global scale.

These strategic initiatives form the core of our business strategy, designed to transcend customer expectations and pave the path for Kuwait's digital transformation through cutting-edge technological solutions. Kuwait's digital economy is on the brink of exponential growth, and solutions by stc Kuwait is well positioned to be a key enabler of this growth, actively participating in the nation's journey towards becoming a thriving digital economy.

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