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In an exclusive interview during the 17th edition of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, Jasim Al Awadi, Chief ICT Officer (Acting), du, spoke about the importance of timely strategies and decision-making to stay relevant in the dynamic ICT business market in the region and globally.

Why are drafting the right ICT strategies at the right time important? What role can leaders play in taking the ICT sector forward?

It’s important to draft ICT strategies at the right time because the ICT business is a rapidly growing business. The pace of technological advancement is fast, and hence, a precise strategy is crucial for the decision-making process. Failing to do so, places telcos at risk of being left behind as the market keeps getting competitive.

How can 5G generate multiple revenue streams for ICT leaders?

5G opened a new paradigm in ICT business. Previously, there were a lot of restrictions related to technology deployments and developing use cases for clients. However, 5G technology, with its ultra-low latency and reliable connectivity has opened up a new game in the ICT sector where we can provide a lot of use cases and services easily, that were not possible a few years back.

How are telcos leveraging the changes and developments occurring in the sector and meeting the goals of national visions and international cooperation?

Telcos have strong roots when it comes to technology adoption. Years ago, du took the decision to develop and enrich its ICT offerings and services despite a low uptake in ICT business. However, we can now see that we made the right decision as the ICT market has grown exponentially; and a lot of discussions are occurring, centering around digital transformation projects. Telcos have been quite agile in adopting strategies to that end.

As far as international cooperation is concerned, du has an extensive portfolio of international players with whom we collaborate to incorporate innovation in our services.

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