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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Ramy Moselhy, Chief Strategy Officer at SCIT Group, provided valuable insights into the company’s unique vision and strategy, highlighting their role in ensuring long-term success. He also shed light on how SkyFive Arabia's A2G solution differs from conventional and upcoming satellite systems in terms of in-flight connectivity benefits. Additionally, he addressed the measures that SCIT employs to ensure that the startups it invests in contribute to sustainable practices, aligning with global goals for economic growth and environmental responsibility.

How does SCIT's unique vision and strategy play a role in ensuring its long-term success?

SCIT group has acquired new private equity for investing in emerging technologies, focusing on business communication, AI, and cybersecurity. By carefully selecting technologies aligning with our vision, we ensure a dependable foundation for enhancing air passenger communications and fostering global connectivity among study networks.

What differentiates SkyFive Arabia's A2G solution from conventional and upcoming satellite systems concerning in-flight connectivity benefits?

A2G technology in particular offers distinct advantages in live communication, notably in its extensive equipment compared to the limited equipment of satellite systems. Additionally, A2G technology boasts higher capacity in communications, providing air passengers with increased speed and capacity during flights. For airlines, A2G technology offers lightweight solutions that minimize equipment size, optimize storage space, and facilitate easy integration with the aircraft. This not only streamlines the aircraft's operations but also enhances service efficiency for tasks related to the aircraft and its various functionalities.

How does SCIT leverage A2G, satellite technologies, and AI to advance in-flight connectivity, improve capacity, and optimize real-time applications for passengers?

Recognizing the future of global connectivity, SCIT envisions a hybrid solution integrating various technologies, with A2G technology being a key player due to its higher capacity and speed. However, A2G technology has limitations in geographical coverage.

Satellite communications, on the other hand, offer diverse options. SCIT is meticulous in selecting the specific type of satellites to invest in, aiming for a hybrid approach. The successful A2G technology ecosystem is poised to provide a robust and reliable communication solution for all airlines.

What measures does SCIT employ to ensure that the startups it invests in contribute to sustainable practices, aligning with global goals for economic growth and environmental responsibility?

SCIT is committed to delivering on its promising goals, including the assured return on investment for its shareholders. The measures in place encompass a multitude of factors that we prioritize. This involves attentive listening to our shareholders, aligning the promises associated with our investments in various startups, and implementing a careful selection process for the technology startups that align with our commitment to sustainable practices. Ultimately, our investment decisions are a significant factor in meeting the expectations of our shareholders.

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