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Unifonic’s journey has been one of continuous innovation, striving to make communication more seamless for customers. Mohammed Sleeq, Chief Operating Officer of Unifonic, shared insights regarding the company’s competitive landscape, its well-being, and how it leverages technology and innovation to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving customer engagement industry in an exclusive interview with Telecom Review.

How does Unifonic differentiate itself in the competitive landscape of customer engagement platforms?

Unifonic leads with continuous innovation to stay ahead of the curve. We leverage a range of technical, project, product, sales enablement, and marketing solutions as well as strong partnerships and integrations with some of the key players in our field. We’re a local player with a dominant presence in our markets, while also offering global expertise and connections. Our customers benefit from a personalized experience in their local language and full compliance with cybersecurity and data protection laws.

An in-depth understanding of our clients' market challenges enables us to deliver tailored solutions. Most importantly, Unifonic is the only platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region that integrates with 100+ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems. This means our clients can offer a simple and contextual end-user experience, thanks to our native integrations systems within the areas of CRM, CaaS, Marketing Automation, and other crucial areas.

We are proud to have been identified by the Saudi Unicorns Program as one of the first companies in Saudi Arabia to have the potential to achieve ‘Unicorn’ status. Being part of this prestigious program further underlines our leadership in the industry and acknowledges our efforts to offer a viable communication platform throughout the Middle East.

How does Unifonic prioritize the values and well-being of its employees?

At Unifonic, we have always believed in investing in human values and nurturing young talent since our early days as a startup. Today, as we expand into new markets, we do so with a 'people first' approach. We recognize that the workforce of the future has different personal priorities, values, and worldviews than earlier generations. By prioritizing each employee's need for purpose, flexibility, and well-being, we can improve operational excellence and provide a roadmap for individual success. We are proud to have achieved the accolade of becoming a certified 'Great Place to Work' organization by the global authority on workplace culture.

How does Unifonic leverage technology and innovation to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving customer engagement industry?

The increasing demand for digital-first communication is primarily driven by a shift in customer expectations and advancements in automation technology. These advancements allow us to integrate software and processes that enhance engagement to unprecedented levels. We offer businesses the opportunity to instantly connect with over two billion smartphone users globally with a single click of a button.

Our coding-free solutions, competitive pricing, and well-defined cloud APIs are designed to assist businesses in integrating robust outreach capabilities into their systems. Providing an excellent customer experience (CX) is essential for businesses to thrive, especially in today's marketplace, where meeting consumer needs is the only way to gain traction. Companies in the MENA region are now embracing CX initiatives across their organizations to enable smoother customer journeys. These digital capabilities can empower customers and simultaneously boost sales and customer satisfaction. It is evident that technology will continue to play a crucial role in improving customer service. Automation and the power of AI, in particular, promise faster response times and more effective outcomes.

Are there any upcoming technological trends or innovations that Unifonic is particularly focused on?

The use and development of digital technology has been one of the biggest shifts in the market in recent years. AI and machine learning (ML) applications have made a significant impact in the field of communication technology. The use of AI can make communication platforms more efficient and effective, enabling businesses to interact with their customers in a more personalized and meaningful way. We are doubling down on this and have recently acquired Sestek— an AI-powered conversational suite— to bolster our AI solution offerings. The acquisition of Sestek has expanded our product portfolio, enabling us to offer our customers advanced and automated AI-powered conversational solutions.

Unifonic has also been proactive in capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the new digital environment that are advancing the sector as a whole. With the Saudi Vision 2030 strategy providing additional guidance and support, Unifonic has established X by Unifonic to support the growth and development of SaaS companies. X by Unifonic has recently completed its second round of the Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program, which allows startups to connect with local and global business leaders. Foreign companies currently provide 90% of the technology used in emerging markets. To address this, several initiatives have been launched in the program.

How do you ensure that the platform’s operations align with customer needs?

The rapid advancements in AI will continue to alter how consumers interact with businesses in the coming years. Businesses will utilize fully automated conversations to resolve any issues with product delivery or online services, covering everything from comprehending the initial complaint to informing all parties involved. We strive to make communication between businesses and clients seamless and easy. Our innovative features, robust infrastructure, and compliant framework differentiate us in a competitive industry. We develop enterprise-grade, multilingual, omnichannel communications for businesses and customers.

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