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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Amer Salem, President and CEO at NexNet Solutions, shares the company’s efforts in staying ahead of the curve in a dynamic telecommunications landscape.

Please tell us about NexNet Solutions’ core offerings. How do they stand out from your competitors?

NexNet Solutions distinguishes itself with over 35 years of telecom experience globally, with a specific focus in the Middle East and Asia through two primary pillars. Firstly, the company excels in helping telecom service providers enhance their return on investment (ROI) and increase revenues. This is achieved through the implementation of customized strategies and technology solutions, addressing unique challenges, and ensuring competitiveness in the dynamic telecom landscape. Secondly, NexNet Solutions extends its expertise to large enterprise customers, including government entities, by assisting them in reducing operational costs. The company empowers these entities to allocate resources efficiently for innovation, automation, and growth.

Key differentiators for NexNet Solutions include a customer-centric approach, and tailoring solutions to meet specific customer needs. The company also boasts an extensive network of technology partners globally, such as those in the US Silicon Valley, European telecom hubs, and the Asia Pacific. This ensures access to best-of-breed solutions that provide value to customers in terms of return on investments and revenue generation for future network solutions.

Furthermore, NexNet Solutions aspires to be the ‘Partner-of-Choice’ for telecom service providers, enterprises, utilities, governments, customers, and technology vendors. The company aims to earn trust and confidence through dedication, commitment, and professionalism to ensure the success of projects. Passionate about service excellence and customer satisfaction, each team member is groomed with a ‘can-do’ attitude to meet and exceed customer expectations.

How is NexNet Solutions collaborating with its strategic partners to integrate emerging technologies such as AI and IoT in the 5G era to transform the telecom landscape?

NexNet Solutions is strategically collaborating with its partners to revolutionize the telecom landscape by integrating emerging technologies such as AI and IoT. The company is actively involved in assisting telecom operators in incorporating AI into their automation processes. Additionally, NexNet Solutions is at the forefront of introducing AI use cases to its customers, demonstrating the practical applications and benefits of AI within the telecom industry.

Furthermore, the company places a strong emphasis on the integration of 5G and edge computing, focusing on the development and utilization of use cases that capitalize on the capabilities of 5G networks at the edge. NexNet Solutions is actively contributing to the future of edge computing, collaborating with partners to pioneer advancements that will shape the landscape of telecommunications, ensuring a seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of both telecom operators and end-users.

Moreover, NexNet Solutions extends its commitment to innovation by offering data monetization services through open APIs. The company recognizes the increasing importance of data in the telecommunications sector and actively facilitates the monetization of data assets for its customers. Through strategic collaborations and partnerships, NexNet Solutions empowers telecom operators to leverage their data effectively, providing them with opportunities to generate additional revenue streams.

What obstacles does your business encounter, and what adjustments would you propose to overcome them?

NexNet Solutions acknowledges several challenges in the current business landscape. One significant challenge is meeting the evolving needs of customers who are venturing into new business domains and seeking innovative use cases. Adapting to these changes and providing unique solutions tailored to address specific business requirements is crucial. NexNet Solutions recognizes the importance of staying ahead of industry trends and continually enhancing its offerings to meet the dynamic demands of its clientele. By fostering a culture of innovation and agility, NexNet Solutions aspires to deliver solutions that not only align with current customer demands but also contribute to improving their return on investment in an ever-changing business landscape.

Who are your target markets and what are your plans for expansion?

NexNet Solutions strategically targets markets that align with the cutting-edge technologies of 5G, private-edge networks, and data monetization. Our primary focus revolves around the evolution of networks to provide best-of-breed solutions in these areas. By concentrating on the dynamic landscape of technology, we aim to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, ultimately helping them increase revenue and improve return on investment (ROI).

In terms of expansion, NexNet Solutions places a strong emphasis on a customer-centric approach. Our strategy involves continually enhancing customer satisfaction by understanding and addressing evolving needs. To achieve this, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, fostering strategic partnerships, and delivering innovative solutions. NexNet Solutions envisions expanding its footprint in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Europe through collaborations with global partners. We maintain a focus on service satisfaction and proactively meet the dynamic needs of customers.

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