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Smart Dubai has announced that it has achieved another global milestone with Smart Dubai Government Establishment contact centre being awarded the ISO 18295 Certification, Parts I and II, as well as the CCA Global Certification for Contact Centre Management.

This makes the centre the first in the world to receive the ISO certificates, awarded by the Switzerland-based International Organisation for Standardization (ISO), and the first in the region to receive the latter certificate, awarded by the UK-based Customer Contact Association.

"These certifications awarded to our contact centre are a new achievement to add to Smart Dubai's already commendable track record," said Her Excellency Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director General of the Smart Dubai Office (SDO). "This is especially true considering that these certificates are issued by international and distinguished bodies, experts in the development of standards and benchmarks, as well as in customer experience and satisfaction."

"This achievement invigorates Smart Dubai's ambitious mission to develop its strategies, employ modern technology to build a fully-fledged smart city and transform the Emirate of Dubai into the happiest and smartest city in the world," Dr. Aisha added, noting that the awards also help improve the performance and efficiency of service centres in accordance with international best practices and high quality standards.

The ISO 18295 certification and CCA Global Certification for Contact Centre Management are testament to the highly advanced services that the Smart Dubai Contact Centre provides to the public. These services meet and exceed international best practices, and help achieve the aspirations of the Smart Dubai Government Establishment to transform Dubai into a fully-fledged smart city.

The contact centre has received the ISO 18295 Certification Part I, which specifies service requirements for customer contact centres, as well as a framework that aims to assist in providing and improving the robustness and efficiency of service, therefore enabling to deliver a higher level of customer experience.

The Centre, moreover, was awarded the ISO 18295 Certification Part II, becoming the first contact centre in the world to meet these standards. The certification aims to ensure that customer expectations are consistently met through the provision and management of appropriate arrangements with customer contact centres.

Meanwhile, the third certification, the CCA Global Certification for Contact Centre Management, outlines a framework for best practices to improve the performance and efficiency of contact centres and ensure excellence in customer service.

ISO is an independent, international non-governmental organization, working to develop unified sets of global standards across various sectors. It includes 163 national standardization bodies from around the world, whereas the UK's Customer Contact Association is an international recognized body focused on developing and improving contact centres.

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