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Ciena is a network strategy and technology company. We translate best-in-class technology into value through a high-touch, consultative business model - with a relentless drive to create exceptional experiences measured by outcomes. Ciena helps telecom operators and internet service providers across the region do more with their networks. With our solutions, networks can adapt to handle the changes created by cloud migration, mobile broadband and the ever-growing demand for high bandwidth applications and services.

Today, Ciena supports more than 1300 customers worldwide, covering 80% of the world's largest service providers, including leading players in the Middle East and Africa, as well as Fortune 2000 enterprises, internet content providers, governments and private network operators. Ciena's solutions help customers address three key trends in the networking industry: network virtualisation, orchestration and SDN. With our Distributed Network Functions Virtualization (D-NFV) solution, Ciena provides the software, hardware and professional services that network operators need to quickly and reliably rollout new virtual network services, such as SD-WAN, IP routing, firewalls and encryption.

With our Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) solution, Ciena is helping to rid the network infrastructure of all silos and finally make truly open, software-defined, multi-vendor networks a reality. We will show network operators how they can regain control of the multiple, technologically diverse domains in their network. 

Ciena's Software-Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities enable the network to be intelligently and centrally controlled or ‘programmed' using software applications. This enables management of the entire network, regardless of the underlying network technology.The Middle East is also an important gateway between Europe and Asia, providing a key transit point for huge amounts of traffic. The Middle East, like other regions, is consuming more over-the-top (OTT) content and services by both consumers and businesses. This is both local and supplied by many of the major global content providers who are now moving into the region, driving IT and cloud growth, and resulting in the demand for associated SDE technologies.

Facing growing competitive pressures and growing service demands, regional CIOs, CTOs and network operators are working hard to embrace virtualization across networks and hardware, software and data platforms. As they do, they must also avoid building new silos that threaten to block the necessary agility and integration they need from their IT operations and services.

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