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With a wide geographical footprint spanning over 11 countries in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia, IPT PowerTech pursued its strategic expansion plan in the Middle East region through the acquisition of its latest affiliate "Shabakkat KSA" in October 2017, delivering the most versatile and complicated projects in KSA and neighboring countries. Our journey has been a rapid evolution to becoming a regional power system integrator with reach to 50 countries and more than 4,000 experts on boards, and one of the few companies in the region, if not the only one, to combine product R&D to our assembly facilities in Romania and Lebanon.

IPT PowerTech's widest portfolio of providing a combined power and telecom infrastructure solutions along with managed services for telecom sites, including renewable energy solutions (solar energy and wind turbine), engineered solutions (TRION family), batteries and power systems, enclosures and cabinets, propelled the initiation of the Guaranteed Savings Model worldwide and our recognition as leading T-ESCO globally.

The initiation of the Guaranteed Savings Model and the T-ESCO model came as a result to the latest network transformation highlighting on the rising demand of operators and towercos to achieve energy efficiency and considerable reduction of operational expenditure (OPEX) in addition to smart energy deployment. Our group believes that the long partnership between towercos, MNOS and powercos is essential and driven to deliver the lowest OPEX and eventually the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership), and both of our models ensure the deliverables of power availability and reliability to the network respecting all SLAs related are met.

Our group is proud to be among the first to foresee the appetite for CAPEX savings and CAPEX leasing and cater a broad array of offerings, seen as cutting-edge evolution across the whole telecom and power value chain of MNO's and towercos.  Our ability to combine our power and telecom expertise under one roof allowed us to eliminate the blame game and provide top-notch services to towercos, MNOs and ultimately power availability for the telecom networks, putting a dead end to all kind of blame between equipment manufacturers and O&M service providers.

Our positioning in the market as the complete solutions provider, being energy system integrator and contractor at the same time, has provided us with the expertise to propose the right solution that the client is looking for, offering a complete and hassle-free service so that the client can focus their attention on their core business.

IPT PowerTech's team is always seeking new challenges where we can recreate new power solutions and add advanced features to its wide portfolio, and redefine new added services to guarantee optimal performance at lower cost possible in addition to adding value to our customers.

At IPT PowerTech Group we strive towards redefining power solutions and reinventing telecom infrastructure.

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