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InMobiles announced its collaboration platform "iGrow" powered by their proven OSG platform "Apollo". Startups and developers participating in iGrow gain immediate access in addition to available real-time messaging, voice, billing and location services within telecom operators to sell to their business customers.

Since it is based on Apollo, startups and developers along with the service providers now become partners with MNOs, where they profit from a value-based revenue sharing business model that favors themselves, the MNO and Apollo. With iGrow, Apollo allows any application developer startups and service provider to participate.

iGrow offers participating startups or service providers a new business opportunity by providing in-demand real-time applications and solutions that are certified and integrated into the MNO core nodes. This new enabling computing paradigm blends traditional telecommunications with new enterprise applications to create and deliver real-time scalable communications business solutions.

Today, through iGrow, startups and developers can, for example, select SMS-enabled business applications to offer a full choice of rich communications products and services to their existing business customers. Because the startup becomes their developer, MNOs benefit from increased margins and keep all traffic on their network. In addition to the available SMS-enabled applications, Apollo industry leading APIs and robust visual design tool helps startups create revenue-generating applications in hours and days. MNOs can now enable quickly real-time voice and video-enabled applications to create stickiness and add value for their subscribers.

"iGrow will lead in changing the mindset of both startups and telecom operators at the same time which is needed to accelerate and grow the business for both parties," said Charbel litany, CEO of inMobiles.

Instead of a limited perspective, iGrow is capable of holistically satisfying startup needs with:

  • Real-time access to inaccessible telco nodes
  • Ability to process unusual payments
  • Widen targeted reach

As such, startups will augment their core business via iGrow Bridges and find comfort in the fact that the same strategies used in their core business will still apply.

Since MWC 2018, Apollo has become the platform of choice for multiple group carriers and now with iGrow, telecom operators are uniquely positioned to build bridges with startups through Apollo APIs.

Beyond the macro conditions, mobile operators still benefit from a powerful brand image, strong sales and distribution networks, and a large customer base. This gives them a potential first-mover advantage when it comes to working with local start-ups and developer communities, ahead of other players, to offer their customers some of the most innovative and relevant mobile services available.

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