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Centrigent Inc, the UAE’s leading company in Consulting 4.0 and technology solutions, and Fit Box Group, the UAE’s leading specialized sports and fitness provider enter into a partnership and agreement to provide a leading-edge digital fitness platform.

Centrigent core expertise is integrating new technologies into traditional businesses. FBG, parent company of Fit Boys Gym, and Fit Boys Promotion, has added another company; Fit Box Gym to be the first hybrid digital-physical facility focused on the trending of white collar and corporate boxing and MMA, making FBG the leading-edge specialized fitness and sports services provider.

The two companies will develop the next generation digital fitness marketplace that combines Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies to provide clients the most relevant, personal and consistent experience across the global network of services providers.

The platform will enable athletes to build both a history and a future. The AI engine will provide a recommended training program based on the athlete’s fitness, training history, cloud-based data of similar athletes and other decision layers. The users’ history and planned training program will be accessible across the full ecosystem network making every trainer across the network globally their trainer.

“Digital is now an integral part of everyone’s life. In partnering with Centrigent, we are taking our group of companies to the next level.” said Milad Saadati, FBG’s Founder and Chief Trainer. “Making digital part of the client journey will enhance their experience significantly and extend it globally, and also serves our plan to expand into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2019”

"FBG has all the necessary elements to evolve its business model, and lead the industry as a whole, into the digital era,” said Jay Srage, CEO of Centrigent. “I’m excited FBG trusted Centrigent as their partner to join them in that revolution in client experience resulting in a strong uptake in revenue and efficiency.”


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