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Nexign, a leading Business Support System (BSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, today announced new capabilities to its product portfolio that will empower communications service providers (CSPs) to build digital partnerships and collaborate more efficiently, with other industry players, on a global level.

This will enable CSPs to create new business models, accelerate time-to-market (TTM) for new advanced products and services and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 25%, all while improving the overall user experience. As a result, end-users will benefit from personalisation, optimisation and expanded service offerings from CSPs.

Commenting on the importance of collaboration in the telecoms sector, John Abraham, principal analyst at Analysys Mason said, “Ecosystems are at the heart of what makes a digital service provider (DSP) truly successful. To this end, in order to enable a value-driven ecosystem around its core offerings, operators must have the platforms in place that can not only seamlessly onboard new partners and enable them to offer their services, but also offers true value to partners that choose to be part of the operator ecosystem. This makes partnerships and ecosystems absolutely critical for operators.’’

The latest functionalities in Nexign’s product portfolio that will support CSPs in entering new types of partnerships include:

  • New catalog federation capabilities combined with the current catalog driven approach allow TTM reduction by more than 50% and ensure business agility across operator and partner products.
  • Monetisation of Network Investments: Dynamic QoS support, RAN congestion management (RCAF) for MVNE model and clear evolution from OCS to CHF for the 5G mixed environment era.
  • (Telecom Blockchain) Broker: Facing disruptive changes in classic roaming and SIM distribution model due to eSIM, Nexign has entered in to an exclusive parternship with Bubbletone. The two companies have developed a joint solution—a blockchain-based marketplace for DSPs with a BSS connectivity kit―that provides operators the opportunity to create new roaming products and complex bundles, including digital non-telco services that can be offered in a personalised manner to roaming subscribers.
  • Service capability exposure function (SCEF). To cater to the growing subscriber demand for higher bandwidth and QoS, Nexign’s SCEF functionality enables operators to securely open their platforms to direct integration with content and over the top (OTT) service providers, increasing ARPU and customer loyalty.
  • 5G readiness for core components of NFV infrastructure:  OCS, DRA and PCRF certified and tested as Virtual Network Functions (VNF).
  • Nexign Network Monetisation Suite performance optimisation: up to 1ms for re-authorisation call, single site optimisation framework to cater for up to 50M subscribers in a single site.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployment capability for Nexign Digital BSS.
  • End to end DevOps and Cloud Deployment. Nexign has a unique end to end CI/CD orchestration process that ensures each product increment is tested and deployed to AWS.
  • Partner Experience. End to end ecosystem to onboard partners, their products using catalog federation, care, billing and partner analytics.

“The growing demand from subscribers for more varied and personalised offerings, coupled with the increasing importance of the B2B2X business model, requires operators to diversify their revenue streams by unlocking the opportunities offered by IoT, 5G and blockchain. At the same time, the pressure to reduce TCO is driving operators to embrace cloud and virtualisation’’, said Loukas Tzitzis, Chief Products and Marketing Officer at Nexign. “This is not possible without efficient collaboration. With the new capabilities of the Nexign product portfolio, CSPs will be able to seamlessly and efficiently build global partnerships and capitalise on the many benefits of an open ecosystem including business agility, accelerated integration, increased value and TCO optimisation.”

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