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5G was the star of Mobile World Congress this year. It will change the way we connect to the Internet and to each other, bringing about an age of real-time interaction. From a broader perspective, the power of 5G will help us realize our visions of living in interconnected, efficient, smart cities, transforming the industries we rely on almost daily eternally.

While 4G was a massive upgrade from 3G, 5G is catalyzing the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ - a level of mobile connectivity that will power state-of-the-art technology such as AI, autonomous transport, cloud computing, and smart home appliances. Sectors as educations, health care, agricultures, retailing business, and emergency services will all benefit from such revolutionary technology. 5G will allow for a more personalized web experience called web slicing, which is a way of creating separate wireless networks that allow users to create their own bespoke network.

Several nations already recognized these benefits that’s why we see several national strategies and visions to encourage and accelerate the adoption of 5G. Autonomous driving, smart cites, further immersive entertainment will be available because of 5G in a short period.

Targeting operators and carriers at MWC, we showcased how Huawei’s intelligent service and innovation can help partners identify new business opportunities and thereby achieve growth. As Huawei’s commitment to bringing digital connection to every home, person, and organizations, to create a fully-connected and intelligent world; our attention and efforts are devoted to 5G development, deployment and infrastructure.

5G arrival is beyond our expectation, generally speaking it achieve 500M subscribers globally in 3 year. As your reference, to reach these subscribers, 3G spent 10 years while 4G spent 5 years.

Till January 2019, Huawei won over 30 commercial contracts consisting of more than 50% of all 5G commercial contracts globally and shipped over 40,000 5G base stations globally. All the GCC countries already cooperated with Huawei to start 5G massive commercial network deployment. If we cannot catch the trend of 5G development, Lebanon mobile network will experience a huge lag behind many countries.

We are able to offer the world’s fastest wireless connections for smartphones, homes and offices to Lebanon in shortest time. In South Korea LGU+ Huawei implemented 10,000+ 5G sites within 3 month.

As the only global end-to-end 5G solution provider, Huawei is proud to launch an ultra-broadband, simplified, and intelligent end-to-end 5G solution which consists of:

  • 5G devices : First 5G indoor and outdoor CPE for Wireless Home Broadband use case which enabled the earliest 5G commercial networks in 2018 , Huawei also unveiled the world fastest 5G foldable phone during MWC2019 
  • Simplified RAN:  Support Massive MIMO to guarantee the user experience and can be flexibly deployed in all scenarios, including rooftops, lamp poles, and towers.
  • 5G microwave solution: Fully support the additional backhaul requirements of 5G services, offering simplified, ultra-broadband and intelligent solution in various deployment scenarios.
  • Converged transport: Based on a simplified and converged architecture, expanding transportation capacity for a lower cost per bit and supporting 5G Transport lifecycle automation.
  • 5G Core:  Supporting a converged, centralized and autonomous Control Plane for all services (2/3/4/5G - NSA/SA) featuring a distributed and programmable user plane.
  • Global services: 5G precise planning, digital engineering and AI technologies are used to accelerate 5G deployment, achieve automatic and intelligent O&M.

This marks great progress towards one of our main goals: to build a fully connected, intelligent world. With this ambition in sight, Huawei is leading the way with our deployment strategy and forming important partnerships with key operators and ministries across the region.

As a fast growing market, the number of Lebanon LTE subscribers expanded 200% in the past years, reaching 2 million while it is expected that 1 million more subscriber will migrate from 3G to 4G before 2020.

4G is still the operator’s cash cow, its end user experience should be enhanced also. At the same time more spectrum of 2G/3G should be re-farming to LTE. Huawei will introduce the latest solution to support operators for persistent spectrum efficiency improvement and LTE network enhancement. LTE will be ubiquitous and all band 5G ready network in Lebanon.

Looking back to the accomplishment Huawei has achieved, it is convinced that we are the preferred to be a long-term partner on 5G, datacenter and other ICT domain for Lebanon’s digital transformation to build a full connection country.

We are excited to be living in the 5G era! Huawei is committed to supporting our customers achieve the national agendas by providing the latest innovative solutions. By laying a sound foundation for 5G, governments will immeasurably improve the social and economic environment of cities.

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