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Success after success, we’ve reached a new milestone. It all started in 2005 when Trace Media launched Telecom Review Middle East. What started off as a business and telecoms magazine has transformed, fourteen years later, into a pioneering comprehensive telecom media platform. The publishing industry as well as the telecommunications industry have tremendously changed, thus paving the way for a change in Telecom Review that was quite mandatory to keep pace with all the developments.

150 creative covers of Telecom Review have featured the industry’s most influential CEOs, Ministers and governmental organizations’ directors. The MENA region got to hear from the greatest industry leaders who spoke to Telecom Review about each stage the telecoms and ICT industry has gone through for the past 14 years.

We were there with 3G, 4G and now we’re here for 5G. Telecom Review editions have kept readers up-to-date with the latest cutting-edge technology and with opinion articles that were based on exclusive information, trusted sources and expert views.

With its 150th edition out soon, Telecom Review is known today for the high quality of content it presents to its readers. With a focus on telecommunications and ICT, it has been the go-to media platform for, inter alia, industry experts, government bodies, telecom regulators, organizations, consultancy groups and NGOs. Throughout the years, it has proven reliability and professionalism which have allowed it to stand out from the competition.

A digital media platform: 150 print editions, 728 newsletters

In the digital age, Telecom Review’s print magazine is still out every month, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t gone digital as well. Over the years, the magazine has shifted into a media platform that offers both print and digital. 150 editions were issued in tandem with around 728 newsletters that provide highlights of the latest developments and announcements and promote our clients with banner advertisements.

The digital segment is comprised as well of the mobile application which was launched in 2013 to allow readers to check all previous editions online. The flipping magazine section on www.telecomreview.com also gives visitors a chance to read all the editions.

Remarkable presence

In addition to providing daily news and industry reports, Telecom Review has been the media partner of numerous regional and global annual events, conferences and exhibitions since its establishment. Special editions for such events were published to provide clients with greater exposure and give them the opportunity to elaborate more on what they offer, address their target clients and highlight what they intend to showcase. With 150 monthly editions and 92 special editions, Telecom Review was able to relay everything taking place at events such as GITEX, the Mobile World Congress, CommunicAsia, MEF, ITU Telecom World, etc.

Not only have we offered exposure through our print editions, but we’ve also guaranteed an even higher readership to our clients through our weekly regular newsletters and our daily events-related newsletters sent to a large database that has reached, fourteen years later, +45,000 subscriber.

Countless exclusive interviews were conducted at these conferences and exhibitions, with C-level executives at leading regional and international operators, vendors, regulators, consultancy firms and organizations. Our regional and international reach has expanded over the years and companies’ trust in Telecom Review has grown, thus making it the leader in the industry.

92 special editions culminated with the 5G cyber threats and solutions special edition

Telecom Review launched at the 12th Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit which was held on March 29th in Beirut, Lebanon, a special edition on 5G cyber threats and solutions that aims to explain more about the relevance of cybersecurity in light of 5G deployment.

This global edition features for the first time ever exclusive interviews with the most influential CTOs of the industry in North America, Europe and Asia, along with independent opinion features from research labs and universities.

This special global edition gained amazing recognition from global industry leaders who received a hard copy or checked it online after Telecom Review informed its large database about the publication with a special newsletter focusing on the content that was tackled.

“We’re launching a special global edition about 5G and cybersecurity featuring for the first time ever the most influential leaders in the industry who have shared their expertise and opinion in cybersecurity for 5G, exclusively for Telecom Review and the Cybersecurity edition”, announced Toni Eid, founder of Telecom Review and CEO of Trace Media International.

“It’s great to see that Telecom Review is taking a much needed global lead on 5G and cybersecurity, and I’m pleased to participate, alongside my peers, by sharing our views as global technologists. It’s critical that we provide objectivity and concrete cyber mitigation plans for a 5G roll out where the focus is on technical analysis. There is no CTO in the world that would not have the security of their systems as a top priority. That’s where the real discussion should be focused on how best to secure 5G across all markets,” said Dr. Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO, TELUS.

The special edition presents to the readers the opinion of four major CTOs - Ibrahim Gedeon, TELUSAndre Fuetsch, AT&T; Emmanuel Lugagne Delpon, Orange and Hongbeom Jeon, KT – who agreed on several 5G-related topics.

The 5G cyber threats and solutions edition is online on all Telecom Review editions’ websites and in hard copies to be distributed to the leaders of the industry and upon request.

Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit

In 2011, Telecom Review organized its first conference. With the stellar reputation Telecom Review has built and the high quality content it offered, entering the conferences business was no big deal. The Summit is being organized this year in its 13th edition which reflects how Telecom Review was able to leverage its growing experience, thus organizing the best summits in the ICT industry.

“Telecom Review does something very important. It brings together governments, consultants, service providers, cloud providers and vendors all around the common table, each delving into quite critical opinions at the retail level for consumers, retail level for enterprises, the wholesale perspective and the industry development perspective to find an important vision for today and tomorrow. So in that regard, each year I come to the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, I find it to be intellectually motivating”, said Marc Halbfinger, CEO, PCCW Global.

TELUS CTO Ibrahim Gedeon shared the same opinion: “It’s great being at the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit because there are very few gatherings where you get the right level of representation. If someone was to ask me in a few words about the beauty of the event then it would be the networking aspect of the Summit in the context of relevant networking. It’s a fantastic conference and I’m delighted to be part of it.”

Historic success

From a mere print publication to a media platform, Telecom Review has achieved huge success which we’re celebrating with the 150th edition. Being focused on the telecoms and ICT industry which has been witnessing a digital revolution, Telecom Review had to cope with all the ensuing changes that were affecting all sectors, including publishing.

Unconventional and pioneer: two words that can sum up all what Telecom Review stands for. It is unconventional indeed because it was able to dive into the digital space while preserving its print editions, and pioneer for being the first to go down that road for it has realized the impact of the digital revolution on every single sector.

Telcos have partnered with Telecom Review over the years and many of these partnerships are still effective today which shows to what extend Telecom Review is committed to its clients who rely on its constant support and coverage.

“I think Telecom Review is the standard for telecom journalism in the region. Telecom Review is the go to platform for all the news that is happening in the telecoms and technology industry. This is one of the reasons why I, and many other leaders from the ICT ecosystem attend the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit every year, because it provides us with the opportunity to engage in robust debates in a shared effort to improve the industry overall,” stated Etisalat International CEO, Hatem Dowidar.

Osman Sultan, CEO, du also talked about the long partnership with Telecom Review. He said, “Working together to grasp the essence of the technological conversations taking place now and to deliver them with high proficiency to the readers, is a job that was always well accomplished with high efficiency for us by Telecom Review. We have partnered with them for years and admire their comprehensive analysis of the trends in the dynamic telecom sector within the MENA region, and we look forward to continue our collaborations in the future.”

Looking back at all the published editions truly sheds light on the journey Telecom Review has undergone, the challenges it overcame, the achievements and improvements it made which have all lead it here – the number 150.


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