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Caretaker telecommunications minister Eng. Talal Hawat finalized the process of transferring the management of MIC1 commercially known as Alfa Lebanon from Orascom TMT to the ministry of telecommunications, in conformity with the cabinet's resolution issued on 5/5/2020. Consequently, a new board of directors was appointed by the ministry of telecommunications with Jad Nassif as chairman and Rafic Haddad, Imad Hamed, Aline Karam and Mohammed Nasser as members.

Eng. Hawat said that the process was delayed due to the coronavirus crisis and Beirut port blast. He added, “I will follow up closely with the new board of directors to ensure the success of this transitional phase and guarantee the quality of services while also improving the revenues expected for 2020.”

He concluded, “We have made an important step forward and the mission will be completed once touch’s management is also given back to the ministry soon.”

Orascom commented in a statement, “The handover concludes a journey of more than 11 years in Lebanon where Orascom has offered its expertise and capabilities to Alfa and its subscribers and has contributed directly to the evolution and progress of the telecommunications sector in Lebanon.”

Alfa’s former chairman and CEO, Marwan Hayek, said in a tweet, “Mission completed successfully. Hats off to the amazing Alfa Lebanon team that accompanied me during this journey. Keep up the good work, high spirit and motivation. Thank you to Naguib Sawiris, chairman of Orascom, for his unconditional trust and support.” 

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