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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) signed an MoU with Sharjah Environment Company “Bee’ah” to enhance cooperation, partnership and coordination to overcome environmental challenges and unify actions to raise environmental awareness.

H.E. Saeed Sultan Al Suwaidi, TRA Deputy Director General for Support Services, signed the agreement using the digital signature technology, as a practical implementation of this service through using it in government transactions in the country. This strengthens the role of UAE Pass as a fundamental pillar that contributes to enabling many digital transformation initiatives.

This agreement is part of the Federal Government's strategy to support effective partnership between government, semi-government and private sector entities, with the aim of improving government services to achieve quality, speed and perfection to reach customer satisfaction and community happiness.

Through this agreement, the two parties seek to develop a joint strategy to develop an environmentally friendly policy and joint action plan for the responsible collection, disposal and recycling of waste.

Commenting on this agreement, H.E. Saeed  Sultan Al Suwaidi, TRA Deputy Director General for Support Services, said, “In TRA, we are keen to build partnerships with government, semi-government and private sector entities with the aim of achieving sustainable development goals, preserving resources, protecting the environment in its various components, and spreading environmental awareness among various segments of society, in a manner that guarantees the safety of UAE community and promotes the unique biodiversity throughout our beloved country. Through this agreement, TRA affirms its commitment to implementing the UAE strategy on environment protection, reducing the effects of the carbon footprint and global warming. The preservation of natural resources is a common responsibility that is not limited to Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. It is our national duty, as individuals and institutions, to work in order to achieve it with the utmost seriousness."

According to the MoU, TRA will support scientific research and specialized studies. Additionally, it will organize workshops and seminars on environmental fields, which focus on the latest developments, best practices in environmental issues of common interest, and promote an environmental loyalty program.

Furthermore, Bee’ah will place three-stream waste bins in accessible locations that encourage waste segregation. This will promote increased recycling of papers, cardboard, glass, metals, plastics, and other wastes such as electronic waste. Bee’ah will also organize awareness campaigns on reducing, reusing and recycling of waste, while educating TRA employees on the optimal waste management principles, in addition to promoting various TRA services on the websites of Bee’ah and participating in its campaigns on social media.

Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah also commented on the occasion and said, “Bee’ah has a proven track record of leveraging strategic partnerships to accomplish its mandate of promoting a sustainable quality of life. We are pleased to be collaborating with TRA and build on our current initiatives to educate and encourage communities to be more environmentally aware as well as offering our recycling services. Our company strongly believes in the power of people to drive meaningful change in the environment and anticipate a strong response to our latest partnership with TRA.”

TRA, as a leading federal entity, is keen to ensure the continuity of sustainable development and seeks to protect the environment and achieve  balance between economic and social development, and adhere to the National Agenda of the UAE Vision 2021 to achieve a sustainable environment in terms of air quality, preserving water resources, increasing reliance on clean energy and the application of green development, in addition to enhancing the quality of electricity and communications, to achieve UAE leadership in smart services.

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