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Dawiyat Integrated, a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Electricity Company, was established with the aim of optimizing investment of SEC's fiber optic systems covering more than 83,000 km across the Kingdom including villages, hamlets and borders, and use them to provide integrated telecom services and improve quality and speed of Internet in the Kingdom in line with the Kingdom Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020 which includes many initiatives in this aspect, the most prominent of them is the initiative of deploying the broadband fiber-optic systems to homes.

Dawiyat Integrated company, the kingdom’s neutral wholesale infrastructure service provider owns the most advanced unprecedented state-of-art fiber network which is fully compliant with the highest international standards and specifications as well as ultimate reliability, possessing all fundamental capabilities for local, regional and international fiber interconnection with mass fiber coverage across the kingdom  with more than 83,000 Km of fiber across the kingdom with annual growth rate of 5%, offering comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure services and smart solutions including the development, operating and maintenance of fiber optic networks and smart city services.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to one of the most advanced markets in the GCC and has one of the most mature telecoms markets in the MEA region. As part of the telecom industry in Saudi Arabia Dawiyat Integrated plays a crucial role in enabling digitization, being heavily involved in the deployment of a cutting-edge digital fiber optic infrastructure with around 600,000 households connected by end of year 2020 which complies with the government ambition on speeding up fiber deployment, expanding broadband footprint over fiber coverage and enhancing efficiency which is making a significant contribution to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing a massive digital transformation to build a smart nation powered by a vibrant digital economy that can serve the ever-changing needs of its citizens and businesses. Saudi Vision 2030 aims at building a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation.

Dawiyat Integrated plays a very important role in the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020 as Dawiyat Integrated is a unique carrier provider with a specialized carrier neutrality providing telecom infrastructure services including fiber access to all operators neutrally being a wholesale infrastructure provider and based on the fact that it sets on top of the most extensive power network infrastructure assets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the power pathway connects every single home and business entity within the Kingdom. Dawiyat Integrated is in the process of connecting a total of 744,500 households across Saudi Arabia to its fiber optic network, looking forward to connecting close to 250,000 new households by the end 2020. This will propel the Saudi economy and increase its competitiveness in substantial ways across different sectors.

Dawiyat Integrated main goal on fiber rollout is to deploy cutting edge digital fiber infrastructure in each city across the kingdom, which will be opened and made available to all service providers on equal basis so that they can compete based on offerings without the need for infrastructural over deployment.

Saudi Arabia is one of the first countries in the world to adopt an open access model allowing all broadband service providers to offer their services to all customers within KSA covered with FTTH access infrastructure by any of the network operators. The adoption of an open access model will increase the use of our fiber-optic infrastructure.

Open access helps operators leverage the advantage of shared economy and collaborative deployment of fiber infrastructure. The open access initiative aims to reduce the substantial cost of capex investment for rolling out new fiber infrastructure, avoiding duplication on infrastructure rollouts and investment overlapping, which results in substantial cost reduction of capex and increase of rollout cost efficiency encouraging competition, opening up the door for more business with enhanced service offering and service quality improvement, and opening the market for subscribers to select preferred service provider over this open access infrastructure irrespective of the actual physical fiber access network owner.

The open access initiative helps optimize kingdom resources leveraging on the power of shared economy and digital advancement while building a cohesive digital community, in line with the Kingdom's ambitious vision 2030. The Kingdom’s digital transformation has accelerated significantly since the launch of Vision 2030 - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s ICT sector is the largest in the Arab world. According to the International Telecommunication Union, Saudi Arabia has an internet penetration rate of 93% versus the global average of 53% and recently jumped 92 places to 13th in global rankings for internet speed, with an average download speed of 55.6 Mbps.

Dawiyat Integrated thus far holds the only licenses in Saudi Arabia as an independent wholesale service provider. We provide telecom infrastructure and access to all licensed telecommunication companies as a wholesale and neutral network. This model allows us to build the telecom infrastructure giving the telecommunication companies the benefit cutting off capital investments and of focusing on the services and VAS, which is an efficient way to deploy capital, especially in extensive projects like the rollout of 5G. As we are fully owned by Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), we monetize the government’s substantial investment in providing electricity to more than 13,000 villages and cities across Saudi Arabia. Within this scope of activities, SEC is building an extremely large, 83,000km+ fiber-optic network. Overall, Dawiyat Integrated will enable not only significant growth into the telecommunications sector, but also significant growth and enablement in huge creative projects like smart network for electricity, smart water meters, and smart city initiatives.

There are great opportunities in the Saudi market. We are probably entering the most exciting year for fiber services across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia especially after announcing the country open access initiative, looking for current and future activities in the kingdom leveraging on the Kingdom's vision 2030. I think we are seeing increasing awareness of the positive impact of that extensive fiber connectivity and the expected increase on ultra-fast broadband connectivity in the Kingdom with such technological advancement helping in adding advantage to the national economy and contributing to the overall development in addition to creating employment opportunities for enthusiastic Saudi youth.

Dawiyat Integrated has obtained a number of licenses such as Infrastructure Wholesale Services (IWS), Internet Service Provider (ISP) license, and recently “IoT-VNO”, these licenses will help Dawiyat Integrated to unlock new future potentials and help on shaping the digital future of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dawiyat Integrated has concluded a number of partnerships at the local and regional levels to serve the development objectives. Dawiyat Integrated has been awarded the exclusive right to deploy fiber infrastructure for 5 industrial cities under MODON “Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones” offering neutral access to all operators within the Kingdom allowing them to offer their services to their end customers. Dawiyat Integrated also owns shares on a new company building a best of breed data center in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Jeddah. 

We will continue to build on that momentum to become even more attractive to the government to be able to invest in technology and contribute more to the country’s digital transformation plan helping new infrastructure operators to demonstrate on the market more efficiently so we can actually give a better economic value and diversification to service providers by supplying more efficient and better quality services at lower cost, while maintaining a focus on strategic partnerships and substantial investments that will place Dawiyat Integrated on the regional map. Also, by targeting Mega Projects within the kingdom, which is part of the Dawiyat Integrated strategy, by building dense digital infrastructure and focusing on two major fundamental enablers of digitization for any smart city deployment, the underlying telecom infrastructure for broadband and huge capacity services and IoT Platforms.

Dawiyat Integrated services

1- Connectivity

Dawiyat Integrated Telecommunications & Information Technology Company provides telecom connectivity services based on optical fiber technology offering neutral last mile access service between operators of telecom services and locations of their clients in around the Kingdom. Dawiyat Integrated connectivity services are considered as the fundamental telecom infrastructure service that helps in building and expanding the network reach of other service operators through the optical fiber network of Dawiyat Integrated that spreads for more than (83) thousand kilometers across The Kingdom which includes the underground fiber-optic networks and the exclusive over air optical fiber “OPGW” through the electricity towers for Saudi Electricity Company.

2- Bitstream

Dawiyat Integrated Telecommunications & Information Technology Company Bitstream service is a wholesale next gen FTTH open access solution for licensed service providers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is suitable for delivering all type of services for residential users including broadband internet, voice and IPTV premium services delivered over Dawiyat Integrated extensive GPON fiber footprint across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

3- Colocation

Customer can choose to collocate his equipment by renting a space in Dawiyat Integrated Telecommunications & Information Technology Company state of art datacenters infrastructure with the most secure and high reliable facilities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering flexible service options with full redundancy and security which will help you with the increasing demand for reliable communication to achieve your business continuity, growth and prosperity.

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