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According to the latest findings revealed by Dell Technologies on its ‘Digital Transformation Index 2020,’ the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia are ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to accelerating digital transformation and embracing cutting-edge technologies.

Based on Dell’s study, 90 percent of organizations in the UAE and Saudi Arabia have fast-tracked some digital transformation programs this year. In comparison to the global benchmark of 80 percent, the study suggests that organizations across the region have shifted their digital transformation programs into high gear amid COVID-19. Moreover, 85 percent of organizations in these Arab countries are currently re-inventing their business models, compared to 79 percent of organizations globally.

A new digital transformation curve

When comparing the results from the last Digital Transformation Index in 2018 to 2020, the UAE and Saudi Arabia saw a 6 percent rise in the number of Digital Leaders (the most digitally mature organization) last year. Digital Adopters (the second most digitally mature group) grew from 27 percent in 2018 to 31 percent in 2020.

Innovation and investments in ICT to drive digital economy agendas

The study also shows that organizations in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are keeping pace with global investment levels in the newer technologies including Edge and artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, organizations in these Arab countries are a solid 6 percent ahead of their global competitors when it comes to investing in 5G infrastructure. This strongly demonstrates their clear commitment to developing state-of-the-art connectivity infrastructure.

According to the 2020 Digital Transformation Index, the top technology investments in the Middle East over the next one to three years include real-time applications at the Edge, AI algorithms, cybersecurity solutions, data management tools, and 5G infrastructure.

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