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The world was reeling with the sudden onset of the pandemic that swept around the globe. It resulted in harsh economic conditions for global populations and organizations. Consequently, countries around the world raised travel barriers and promoted social distancing. In February 2020, Kuwait suspended all travel except cargo flights, effectively locking down the nation to protect against further transmission and spread of the COVID-19 virus. One telecom operator, Ooredoo Kuwait emerged from the crowd, with their employees voluntarily rising to the occasion to support society through the pandemic.  

The Kuwait Red Crescent Society recognized and honored the role Ooredoo Kuwait employees played to bolster society through the pandemic. Ooredoo Kuwait also bagged the Best Loyalty and Rewards Program award at the fourteenth edition of the Telecom Review Summit in 2020.

Defining the challenge  

While the pandemic had an unfavorable impact on revenue for all organizations, it created a push to go digital across all customer touch points, such as - contact centers, online and mobile. To keep pace with fast evolving demands of customers, Ooredoo Kuwait planned to leverage emerging digital technologies to offer a seamless and omni-channel customer experience.

Ensuring cutting edge customer experience has been central to the Ooredoo Group philosophy and Ooredoo focused on expanding its digital channels to ensure customer acquisition, whilst increasing the plethora of digital services on offer.

A collaboration-first approach
To accomplish these goals, the operator formed a strategic partnership with Comviva with the aim to significantly increase incremental revenue.

There was a driving need to improve and enhance the delivery of personalized and contextual communications. Four areas identified for focus were –

  • Building foundational capabilities to execute real-time campaigns
  • Data science capabilities to build and execute machine learning-driven models
  • Managing customer experience across digital channels
  • Real-time reporting processes for agile decision making

As part of the data science and managed CVM engagement, Comviva supported Ooredoo Kuwait to deliver contextual customer campaigns with MobiLytix™ Real-time Marketing solution, a machine learning-powered multi-channel marketing automation platform. The solution uses advanced analytics and leading real-time technology to fully leverage “micro-moments” of engagement with customers to build lifetime value. This enabled Ooredoo Kuwait to improve the quality of decisions on who to target with what message, to drive customer experience, reduce churn and boost revenue.

Comviva data science team developed 40+ machine learning (ML) driven models that drew data from multiple data sources across the customer lifecycle journey of Get, Grow and Keep. The models were trained with production data and had over 95% accuracy rate before they were deployed in production. These machine learning models helped Ooredoo enhance revenue and increase customer lifetime value. Comviva’s data science team and Ooredoo have chalked out a comprehensive roadmap of new models to release in coming quarters.

In order to monitor the performance of these models, Comviva offered monitoring dashboards using data storytelling techniques. The dashboards have helped the Ooredoo marketing team obtain a clear picture of the ongoing accuracy of each model used in their campaigns.
Adding value to the proposition
With the deployment of the new customer value management system, Ooredoo Kuwait achieved 4% incremental revenue, with a 30% jump in CVM revenue within the first eight months of deployment.

Meanwhile, Ooredoo Kuwait continues its quest to be a “digital-first” player. The operator is now investing in up-scaling the infrastructure of all customer touchpoints – call centers, IVR, online, mobile, etc. All in all, the player is well on its way to bringing about its plans of digital transformation to fruition!

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