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Salam is the new brand name for the Integrated Telecom Company (ITC), defining the company as human-centric, providing comprehensive and innovative solutions that will enable customers to reach new heights within a digitalized society.

Salam CEO, Eng. Osama Al-Dosary said, "The name ‘Salam’ reflects our drive to initiate conversation and focus on people and connections. This is represented in our new brand slogan: ‘Where you connect.’

“Salam fits our brand principles of being agile and always helping customers to find the most suitable solutions, with a vibrant and positive energy.”

Salam's brand launch focuses on three key services – FTTH, FWA 5G, and Salam TV. Salam has also introduced the only high-value fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) high-speed internet connection in the Kingdom. FTTH speed will offer a higher bandwidth that can enable downloads 10-times faster, respond to customer demand for increased connectivity, and reflect the brand’s new sleek identity. The launch of the 1000 Mbps fiber speed demonstrates Salam’s ambitious growth strategy.

Salam’s new brand aims to provide customer centric products and services and helps create a more digital society in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 digital transformation plans. 

A 360-degree customer campaign was launched on April 4 to drive awareness of the new Salam brand. (salam.sa)

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